Tops tips on how to switch your energy provider

Is it time to take out a new home energy deal?
Thousands of Britons will see their energy bills rise when their dual fuel tariffs come to an end next month.
A total of 24 dual fuel tariffs from providers such as British Gas, Scottish Power and Extra Energy are due to expire on September 30, according to research from price comparison service Gocompare.
And customers on 21 of these tariffs will automatically be switched to more expensive standard variable tariffs – hiking their annual costs by an average of 15.56%, or £151.13.
Consumers affected by dual fuel plans coming to an end are not the only ones who could save money by switching to a new home energy deal, though.
As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, it’s a good idea for anyone who pays for gas and electricity to review their bills and see where they could save.
Switching to one of the best value tariffs on the market at the moment could save you a massive £300 a year.
Caroline Lloyd at Gocompare said: “With potential average savings of almost £300 to be had, it really pays to be an active energy shopper and spend a few minutes comparing tariffs to see whether you could save.”
How do I know if I need to switch?
Millions of people across the UK are overpaying for their home energy. Are you one of them? Here are some reasons you might be…
*You’ve never switched supplier, and are therefore almost sure to be paying at least £200 a year over the odds.
*You haven’t switched provider since moving into your home, even though your energy consumption may be very different to the previous owners’.
*You’re on a standard tariff, and are therefore missing out on cheaper fixed-rate or online deals.
*Your dual fuel or fixed-rate deal is about to come to an end, meaning your bills are likely to rise next month.
*You get your gas and electricity from separate providers, thereby missing out on dual fuel discounts.
*You don’t take advantage of extra discounts by paying by direct debit.
How can I find the best tariff for me?
It’s quick and easy to compare home energy deals online…
*First of all, go to a comparison website such as energyhelpline or Gocompare.
*Then enter details such as your postcode, current supplier or suppliers and payment method, as well as how much energy you use (check this on your bills).
*Pick the tariff that best suits your needs from the list that comes up and apply online. Your application will then be processed in the next 24 hours, while the switch should be completed within about six weeks.
*If anything goes wrong with your energy switch, you can complain to the supplier concerned. And if you are not satisfied with the response, you can escalate your complaint to the Energy Ombudsman.

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