Carl asked 1 year ago

Hi. If somebody is refusing to pay outstanding fees from a deposit issue which has been deemed as acceptable & they now live with a partner in a family home, can a debt be passed on to anybody in that household if they have lived there for a certain time.

Harry owes £3000, Harry refuses to pay and court proceedings start. Harry refuses to pay £3000 still and a CCJ is action. Harry does not pay the CCJ and now lives with his girlfriend in her parents house. Can any debt not paid transfer to the home he now lives?

If so this may convince Harry to pay the £3000 owed as his girlfriend’s Dad will not accept his debt.

How do we get money from Harry if refusing to pay what has legally been agreed to be paid?

Thank you.

1 Answers
alan Staff answered 1 year ago


No the liability for the debt cannot be transferred. The liability is based on the tenancy or the contract that was signed, so only Harry can be liable.
It’s personal to him.
In terms of how your recover it, you should seek advice on debt recovery. That is unfortunately out with the remit of what we do on this site. Sorry