Owen watson asked 2 years ago

My grandson has a debt of £500. He lives away from home but has used his mums address. The debt company have said that they can send the bailiffs in and take any goods that are paid for at her home. Is this correct and can you advize on this ttterrible situation terrible

1 Answers
alan Staff answered 2 years ago

Your Grandson has obviously used his Mum’s address to take out credit. The bailiffs are, therefore, entitled to assume that is where he lives.
However, if your daughter can show his name is not on her tenancy and he is not registered as living there on the electoral register, she can dispute this. She also does not need to give them access to her home, although if a door is left unlocked they could just walk in.
If they do grain entry, they cannot just take anything. They need reasonable grounds for believing it is your grandsons (such as it is in his bedroom).
Your daughter should write to the bailiff and inform them he doesn’t not live at her home and, if this is the case, he is not registered as living there on the electoral register. She should also inform them she will not allow them entry.
She should also return any letters she receives for him back to sender.