asked 11 years ago

I declared myself bankrupt in 2002.

I secured a mortgage on my house in 2007 and have repaired my credit history.

My partner (who has good credit) and I would like to sell his house and buy a house together with a joint mortgage. My house is now rented out.

We would like to continue using his mortgage lenders (to avoid early settlement charges) but they do not lend to discharged bankrupts.

If we apply together and they find out, they would not accept this nor a single mortgage in just my partner’s name.

I have checked my credit file and it no longer details my bankruptcy.

Is there any further checks that occurusing different records (say, a central register) that may risk the fact the they lender would find this information about me out?


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answered 11 years ago

Personally I would speak to your solicitor and the lender and be open and up front about your situation, the fact that your bankruptcy is so far in the past and you have sorted out your finances shouldn’t be held against you.

Bankruptcy is a matter of public record, although most records only go back 6 years, There are registers on the Insolvency Service website and at the London Gazette and elsewhere, There are 3 main credit reference agencies; Experian, Equifax and Callcredit.

You will usually be asked on a mortgage factfind if you have ever been made bankrupt. No one should advise you to lie on a mortgage application – this could be fraudulent and you could be arrested.

Here is a site about the bankruptcy searches done by solicitor during a house sale.