asked 4 years ago

I went bankrupt after splitting with ex, he didn’t. Trustees sold my beneficial interest in property to my ex , I am unsure of the amount but the house is in about 50k negative equity. He has not removed my name from mortgage or from title deeds. I know I legally own property, but am still I still responsible for the mortgage? Ex wants to now sell house and has sent a letter through solicitors telling me that I need to pay half of the negative equity and that the mortgage company will expect me to pay? My half of house was put in the bankruptcy so I’m unsure if this is actually true. Really appreciate any advice on this. OR not very helpful and once the beneficial interest was sold told me they no longer had an interest in house so I would have to deal with ex in future.

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answered 4 years ago

ou may need to take legal advice, rather than debt advice, about your rights and requirements regarding the sale of the property.

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