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I split up from my ex 5 years ago due to domistic violence and we have a joint mortgage, I paid the deposit on the house and paid the mortgage up until we split up but have paid nothing since. He is behind in the payments and its now in arrears, his girlfriend now lives with him in the house and I believe she is paying the mortgage as he is now in prison. I was declaired bankrupt in 2011, the house is in negative equity and I don’t know where I go from here. I have spoke to the mortgage company and they know the situation but are no help really and have told me he also went bankrupt. Can I have my name removed from this mortgage?

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answered 7 years ago

Please seek legal advice regarding this matter

Your local Citizens Advice Bureau are worth contacting in the first instance

answered 7 years ago

If the house is in negative equity and the Official Receivers have had no interest in the property and the mortgage is up to date then you would really need to take legal advice rather than debt advice about how to change ownership of the property.

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