asked 7 years ago

I will be discharged from bankruptcy in November. I currently live on my own in rented property and my girlfriend wants me to move in with her, if I wait until November after my discharge am I safe to move in and carry on paying my IPA or do I need to inform my OR and will she become liable for payments. My girlfriend owns her own house but isn’t on a good income and manages month to month. I don’t want to be a burden or for her to become liable. Any advice welcome. Thanks

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answered 7 years ago

If an Income Payment Arrangement (IPA) is in place and you have a change of circumstances you will need to let the Official Receiver know as your expenditure will be different and this could result in your ability to pay more or less to the IPA. It will not place a burden on your partner as you will be contributing your fair share to the household bills and the money that you pay to the IPA will still just be your disposable income after all essential living costs have been met.

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