asked 4 years ago

Please could you give me some advise as to the following situation. I petitioned for my own bankruptcy in June 2014 and am now discharged. Prior to my bankruptcy I owned and rented out a leasehold flat, following the normal procedure the Official receiver took possession of the property and the interest later vested in the trustee. During a period of 6 months the Trustee collected the rent and I was informed that I no longer had any interest in the property, I handed over the keys and considered this to be the end of the matter. However in January 2015 the trustees decided to re vest the property to me, which was great but now I am being perused by the management for the property for service charges and ground rent for the period of 6 months, when the Official receiver and Trustee were in receipt of the rent. I fail to see how I am responsible for these charges as I had no income from the property and by all accounts was not the owner at the time. The management company have now appointed a solicitor to peruse the debt , I have tried to argue my case but they insist that the obligation to pay the charges rest with me. I have contacted the Trustee who have informed me that they are not legally responsible to pay the charges.
Any advise would be very much appreciated.
Thank You