asked 12 years ago

My fiance is going bankrupt (unsecured debt) and we are getting married in 2 months, Once we become married do any of her creditors have any right to investigate my earnings/business or take more money from her as they will assume that i will pay more for her?

Everything is seperate and i own everything outright, we also dont have any joint accounts etc.


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answered 12 years ago

Here’s a question that has recently been answered that explain what you need to know – Can my wife be liable for my debts?

The short answer, is they have no claim on your past or future earnings, but worse case, try and argue your fiance made a financial contribution towards your home. Unlikely by the sounds of it.

The only issue you may face is getting credit if your wifes credit status which includes bankruptcy in assossiated with you via both your name and address. Once discharged you can help her rebuild her credit rating.