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my house is in my name and has been for nearly three years but the IP reckon my estraged husband is entitled to equity in the house to pay off his tax bill. he already had £13k to pay off sole debts in 2005 and has never contributed towards the mortgage or paid a deposit on the house. i pid£25k on the house when we bought it which was my late fathers life insurance
i if they take the house i will be homeless with two young children and will have to give up my job andmove back to my mothers who lives 117 miles away from me. i am scared stiff of what will happen

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You need to seek legal advice regarding settlement of assets from your marriage. Please contact a local solicitor or go to your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau for help.

answered 10 years ago

You need to take immediate legal advice. Depending on whether the house was ever in joint names and how you transferred it to your sole name, will depend on whether your husband’s creditors are entitled to a portion of the equity.