asked 11 years ago

I have applied for my credit report but they tell me it will only have the last 6 years information. I was hoping to be able to track down my creditors. Some of theses debts are 20 yrs old. If they cannot get in touch with me how can I find out who they are.I am thinking of going bancrupt and was told that I have to name all my creditors. But how can I, I have no paperwork

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answered 11 years ago

Its true that your credit files will have 6 years worth of debts on them.

One of the reasons for this is that most debts over 6 years old are “statute barred” and are often effectively unenforceable. Debt Advice Foundation can advise you further about this.

Do your very best to supply as much information as you can to the Official Receiver if you go down the route of bankruptcy.

But don’t worry too much. This is why bankruptcies are advertised in the newspapers and on the net. No creditor can say they didn’t know about your bankruptcy. They will be legally bound by its terms because they ought to have known.

If you think of questions about the bankruptcy process or the alternatives by all means click on my name and contact “Debt Advice Foundation”