asked 7 years ago

I am bankrupt, my partner and I are getting married (paid for by her parents) we have separate bank accounts and no joint credit. She wants to buy a house in a few years and I just wondered by marrying me will it affect her? We have no intentions of opening any joint accounts or applying for credit together. I just wanted advice on the best steps for her to avoid her credit rating being impacted by my situation

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answered 7 years ago

Your partner’s personal credit file is the history of how they have managed their financial commitments over the past 6 years and your bankruptcy is not part of their file. There are times when it can cause an issue and this is usually because there is a direct question on a form. If she ever has to fill in a form that asks if someone else in the household is a bankrupt. She may need to speak to a mortgage expert to see if, and how, this may affect a mortgage application.

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answered 7 years ago

Your credit rating will have no effect on your partners, especially if you do not intend on taking out any joint credit in the future.

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answered 6 years ago

Hey! If your partner had declare bankruptcy, Maybe your assets and savings will not be affected depending on the declaration of bankruptcy she/he made.