asked 4 years ago

Any help would be appreciated. My ex partner is still named on the mortgage on a house we bought in 2009….she left in 2011 since which time
I have continued paying the mortgage and all other house related bills as I wanted to keep the house after we split as she wanted to move out
Of the house and area. We got into some financial difficulties and both had an integrated IVA to clear up the debts £150 each, I have kept up with
My IVA payments but she stopped paying her half in 2012. Last year in 2015 I was informed that this was the case and the integrated IVA was split in order for me to carry out my obligation to clear my debt, which is due to end in January of next year….6 long years of struggle but an immense amount of satisfaction at getting myself straight again and in doing so learning a huge life lesson to never get into debt ever again! She however chose the bankruptcy option and yesterday I received a letter from the official receiver to tell me that her share in the property came into play. How does this affect me and who decides what her share in the property is as she hasn’t paid a penny towards the mortgage/house since leaving in 2011. Surely me paying for 5years can’t entitle her to half the equity when she only paid for 18 months when we first moved in. I have bank statements to prove I have been the sole contributor the last 5 years. The mortgage company wouldn’t entertain removing her name at the time of the split because of the IVA hence why her name is still on the mortgage. In another twist my IVA was was recently moved over to a different company and the CEO of the old company is now the person dealing with her bankruptcy is the official receiver!…Is that even allowed? I feel like they have palmed me off in order to screw me over as they know all about the problems we were having so have inside information that another receiver of a different company wouldn’t. I’m massively out of my depth and could really use some advice on what steps I need to take as I haven’t a clue. Thank you for reading.