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what happens if i ignore ccj against me

9 years ago - Posted by

i have a ccj against me after making no effort to pay the claiment after a court order was made the bailiffs have been round but i have refused entry and also ignored court letters i want to know what will happen if i keep ignoring any letters

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4 Answers

TAD Member

9 years ago

As a company we have many CCJs and Court actions against debtors, they rarely win and always regret it in various ways.

Once a CCJ is issued, its nearly impossible to get a stay granted, mainly as the evidence has already been assessed as good enough to show a product/service as delivered and contract entered into.

Pay up, or you can eventually be sent to prison. The Claimant can haul you back into Court to answer why it hasn’t been paid, and the Judge won’t like it that it hasn’t been paid on an official order ignored. That is contempt of court, and very serious.

TAD Member

9 years ago

If you keep ignoring it, there will be more and more and more actions and more costs for you

I was owed £200 the guy ignored every attempt to pay me, ignored courts everything

the current order against him is c800 quid

I now have enough to make him bankrupt as the court has added so many costs – there are a host of actions and they could be nasty for you (All legal)

Its not about the money it’s about the principle, had he been honest (like youre not) it would be different

My advice is to pay up

TAD Member

9 years ago

Please answer the above question. What will happen if I ignore a court order?

TAD Member

9 years ago

Once you have a CCJ awarded against you there are more serious implications than with other debts. Bailiffs are just one method a creditor can use to enforce a CCJ.

The main consequence of bailiff action is the addition of large costs to the debt. Every time the bailiff calls, there are fees and costs added to the debt.
It is possible to keep a bailiff out of your home but they will not go away. If they do gain entry to your home they will seize goods to the value of the debt plus their costs, for sale at auction.

The creditors have other options they can follow. If they decide to take an attachment of earnings order against you they will contact your employer and demand payment directly from your wages. If you are a homeowner they can secure the debt on your house and in some instances continue to add interest to the debt.

CCJs do not expire as other debts do and the creditor can apply to court to pursue one of these actions in the future.

You need to get some advice about the best way forward. There are procedure such as IVAs and administration orders which can help you. It isn’t all one way – you have the right to apply to have the CCJ set aside for several reasons and you can apply to have the payments varied to an affordable amount.

If you want to know how to protect yourself against CCJs contact the Debt Advice Foundation.

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