TV Licence Debt: Do You Need To Pay?

Paying your TV licence is essential for everyone. If you do not pay your TV licence debt, it is a criminal offence and you could get a serious fine.

What will happen if I can’t pay my TV license?

Not paying your TV license is against the law and a criminal offence. It is likely that you will have received a Magistrates Court Fine for non-payment and if this is the case then the bailiff can forcibly enter the property and remove and sell goods to cover the costs that have arouse. The bailiff cannot, however, remove goods that are not yours and or required for day to day living (bedding, beds etc). It is up to you to be able to provide proof of ownership.

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If you did not receive a Magistrates Court Fine and the TV license costs are being recouped by other means then a bailiff cannot seize goods unless they are able to gain peaceable access to a property. It is unlikely therefore that he/she will use force and it is never acceptable for you or them to use violence.

Once the bailiff has gained access to a property he/she can levy goods and can return to the property on subsequent occasions through a ‘Walking Possession Agreement’. It is, therefore, best to keep all doors and windows locked so that they cannot pass the threshold of your property and levy goods. For more information on bailiffs, please read our article on how to deal with bailiffs.



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