How to Take Someone off the Electoral Roll

Need to remove someone from the electoral register? This article explains everything you need to know about taking someone off the electoral roll.

How to remove someone from the electoral roll at your address?

You need to contact the council to ask how to remove someone from the register listing for your address. This usually happens when a person registers somewhere else or when you send in the annual update form that the council provide to you once a year.

If you receive any communication regarding the other person’s debts then you can send a note saying that they no longer live at your address. You can also provide a forwarding address. The difficulty with all of this is that they will continue to pursue that person for the debt. Their situation will steadily get worse until some form of resolution is found. If they are able to speak to a debt advisor they will, as a short term measure, be able to introduce some control. They should also be able to find the best method of dealing with these debts in the long term.

There is government legislation that can help reduce monthly payments, stop creditor pressure and write off up to 90% unsecured debt.

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How do I take my name off the electoral roll?

To remove your name of the electoral roll, you will need to contact your local electoral registration office or council. This is similar to the process discussed above.

Can I check if I am on the electoral roll?

The electoral register is public information. Unfortunately, the electoral roll may not be able to provide written evidence that you are registered on the register at your address. In most cases, they can only inform you that you are registered and give no evidence.

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