Help Paying Bills: Everything You Need To Know

Need help paying bills, such as electricity and gas? This article explains everything you need to know about being liable for the bills and how to remove your name from joint bills.

What can I do if my bills are wrong?

If you believe there is a fault in your bills, you can try the following:

  • Check your bill — has an inaccurate meter reading been listed? Is the correct address listed?
  • Check the meter reference listed on your bill to be sure it shows correctly and that the right meter has been billed.
  • Switch off all your appliances. If the meter is still moving there’s definitely a problem so you should take that up with your supplier. In the case, the meter stops then turn your appliances on one at a time and monitor the meter. If the meter moves especially quickly for a particular appliance there may be a problem with the appliance rather than the meter.

You may wish to go somewhere like CAB for further advice.

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How do I remove my name from bills?

If the bills are in joint names you would have had the power to contact the utility provider to remove your name from the bill. The utility provider should be able to find the account based on address and postcode. If you moved out, it will be up to you to provide proof of the fact that you moved out of the property 2 years ago in order for your name to be removed from the bill.

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Am I liable for a bill that is not mine?

If you are the named account holder that you will be fully liable for the bills. If you no longer live at the property and are still being asked to pay the bills, you should contact the relevant companies to explain your situation.

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