Help Filling Out Bankruptcy Forms

Confused about completing your bankruptcy forms? This article explains everything you need to know about filling out your bankruptcy forms. You may also want to read our article on declaring bankrupt in the UK.

Which bankruptcy forms do I need to complete?

If you live in England or Wales you will need to fill in the Debtor’s Bankruptcy Petition (Form 6.27) and Statement of Affairs, Debtor’s Petition (Form 6.28) – these documents can be found at online on the Insolvency Service website.

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How to complete the Statement of Affairs form

Initially, you should ensure you list all of the income into the household as there are members of the household who are jointly responsible for the household bills and expenses. The Official Receiver (OR) then uses their Income Payments calculator to ensure that the other person only pays their fair share of the household bills and does not inadvertently end up paying your share.

If you do not know this information or fail to provide proof of the other person’s details, then the OR very often has to assume that they can afford to pay half of everything and this can leave the household in a great deal of difficulty. If there are other contributors to the household bills such as family members paying board money then you should list the board money they pay.

If you do not know what figure to include in your income or expenses form, it is best to make a close estimate of your costs. If you are still uncertain, then it is probably best to speak to a money advisor who can help you complete the form. Before petitioning it would also be a good idea to go through in greater detail with a free debt adviser, as they will be able to look for any impact that this may have on other people in the household.

Need further help with your bankruptcy forms?

If you need further help completing bankruptcy forms, please contact the Citizens Advice who may be able to help. You’ll find your local office on the CAB website

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