County Court Judgement: Guidance On Completing Your Forms

Before a County Court Judgement (CCJ) can be set, you will need to complete the County Court claim forms (the N1 and N9). This basically means that a creditor has started court action and if you do not complete and return the forms, you can risk further enforcement actions. This article offers some guidance on completing your forms for a CCJ.

When completing the N245 form, do I include my partner’s debt?

The N245 form is to ask the court for a variation order after the court has already set a monthly amount to be paid back under a CCJ. If filling in forms that show you are paying for someone else’s debt in the household, at the expense of your own, then it is likely that the offer of payment will be rejected. If however the household income is entirely from your partner and you have nothing to offer then it would be very different as any offer of payment would be coming from someone else’s money.

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Which form can be used to suspend a CCJ?

The form you would need to use in order to ask the county court to suspend this judgement is the N244. You will also have to provide a statement of financial circumstances, an affidavit of means (this is a sworn statement) or a witness statement, where you sign a statement of truth. You can find the form, which contains guidance notes on the HMRC website.

What is the purpose of the N56 form?

This form is used to show the court details of your finances and employment. In some cases to pay off your debt, your wages from your current employment may be deducted via an Attachment of Earnings. Prior to an Attachment of Earnings being put in place, you will be sent a notice of the application and form N56 to complete. If you do not return the statement of earnings form N56 within eight days of receiving it, the court can order you to supply a statement of means and your employer to provide a statement of earnings. If you fail to do this a summons can be made for your appearance in court and if you ignore this you can be imprisoned. You can read more in our article, how will a CCJ affect me.

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