What Does CCJ Discharged Mean?

Wondering what does CCJ discharged mean? This article explains the meaning of CCJ discharged and what happens if your CCJ is marked as discharged.

What does discharged mean on a CCJ?

A County Court Judgment (CCJ) is a court order instructing someone to repay their outstanding debt. Creditors or lenders can get a CCJ on you if you fail to make payments or your payments go into default. If you pay the full amount within a month, you can get the CCJ removed by applying to the court with evidence. In other words, you will be discharged from the CCJ.

If you take longer than a month to repay the full amount, then your CCJ will be marked as ‘Satisfied’ on the public register and it will show on your credit report. You can get it marked as ‘Satisfied’ by applying to court.

If you’re struggling with debt and are facing being served with a CCJ you could use government legislation to stop creditor pressure and write off up to 90% unsecured debt.

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How long does a CCJ stay on a credit report?

Generally speaking, a CCJ will stay on your credit report for 6 years. It will also show on the public register for the same 6 years. As mentioned above, you can get your CCJ marked as ‘Satisfied’ to increase the chances of lenders lending to you. Please also note, that the older a CCJ becomes the less attention most lenders will pay to it.

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