Can a Bailiff Come To My Work?

Are you wondering, can a bailiff come to my work for my debts? In fact, bailiffs can get a court order allowing them access to your address at work and they have to carry out the instructions of the order. It could have been that all of the letters and court documents went to an address where you no longer live. This article explains whether bailiffs can go to your place of work or not.

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Can bailiffs take belonging from my workplace?

If the creditor notifies the bailiff that you have belongings stored somewhere away from your house they may ask the court for a warrant to search the premises. This is something that is only granted if there can be a valid reason to believe that the goods exist at that location, as you have informed them of this then it could be asked for. Without knowing more details about the type of debt, fine or court order then it would be difficult to advise on how best to deal with this.

If you contact a free debt adviser and discuss in greater detail they should be able to advise you on your options.

Can bailiffs make calls to my place of work?

A bailiff can contact you on the contact details they have on file for you and it may be that you have previously provided a phone number and permissions as part of a previous agreement.

Bailiffs should not announce the reasons for trying to contact you to others and if you are not permitted to take personal calls at work then you can advise the company that this is the case. You may need to supply them with a reliable personal contact number/address so that they can contact you.

Bailiffs do not wish to put someone’s job at risk. If you contact the bailiff and repay the debt, or come to an arrangement to pay, apply for a variation order, then they will have no need to try and contact you.

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Can high court enforcement bailiffs come to my workplace?

If the enforcement agent or bailiff has a court order that allows them to visit an address that is not your home or business premises then they will be able to do so. This is something that can be applied for and the court can allow. You can ask to look at the proof of their identity and authority to enforce the debt, they will be able to show you proof that they are entitled to attend.

Can bailiffs take my work van?

A bailiff cannot seize a vehicle that is required for work purposes. For more information, please read our article: Can bailiffs take my car?

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