Filing Complaints Against A Bank

If you feel your bank is not following the correct procedures, then your first step is to complain to the bank directly. If this fails you can file a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service. This article explains everything you need to know about filing complaints against a bank.

Someone opened up a bank account in my name, what should I do?

Usually, when a bank sets up an account they do so on the instruction of the person opening it. If you believe this was done incorrectly you (or the other party) could ask to see the original application to check.

If you believe that the bank has acted incorrectly then the first place to start would be by raising a complaint directly with the bank. It may be that the naming of the account is in error and when rectified any debt the other party has may then show in their name instead of you. If you are unhappy with the response to your complaint you will be able to escalate this to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Can a bank inform other creditors about my full debt situation?

A bank is under no obligation to inform other creditors about their action. If a bank obtains a Charging Order without informing the judge of their communication with other creditors, this does undoubtedly give the bank an advantage in court. It is also worth bearing in mind that all creditors have access to this form of action through the courts.

When a charging order is put in place the judge expects to be informed of all relevant information. Whether this is prior to and during the hearing. If there are other creditors these should be addressed at this point. But the judge can only make a decision based on the information provided to them.

Once the judge has considered all the available information with respect to a creditor seeking a Charging Order. it is likely that they will grant this form of action. As it is a viable remedy which is available to creditors to secure repayment of the debt.

I want to make a complaint against my bank, what are my options?

If you feel that the bank has not followed the correct procedures, then the first action to take is to complain directly to the bank. You can follow the bank’s complaint procedure (usually done by addressing the complaint in writing directly to them). You may also find the Financial Ombudsman Service guide to making a complaint useful. If you receive a response to your complaint that you feel is incorrect then you can escalate the complaint to the financial ombudsman service.


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