Bailiffs Coming to the Wrong Address

Are bailiffs coming to the wrong address? Bailiffs act on the paperwork provided to them. If they have a court order that says they need to come to your address, then this is the place they will visit.  If bailiffs are attending at the wrong address then writing a letter of complaint would be the best way to identify this to them. This article explains what to do when bailiffs come to the wrong address.

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What should I do if bailiffs knock at my door for someone else’s debt at my address?

If the bailiff has an order in the other person’s name, stating that they should attend your address to recover the money owed, then the bailiff will believe that they and their property would be found at your address.

When they attend a property they can ask for the debt to be paid by the person who owes the money. If payment cannot be made then they can attempt to seize their belongings not yours. In the case that you do not owe the debt then your goods cannot be taken to pay off someone else’s debt. If you feel that the enforcement agent has misrepresented what they can do then you can make a complaint

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Bailiffs sending letters to the wrong address, what to do?

Bailiffs can only seize goods belonging to the debtor. We would encourage you to provide the bailiff company with proof that you are not the individual in debt. If this fails, you can make a complaint to the bailiffs governing body, ‘Civil Enforcement Association’ (CIVEA).

Why am I receiving letters from bailiffs for my ex-spouse’s debts?

If you are receiving letters addressed to your ex-husband/wife then all you can do is return them to the sender and let them know that they do not live at the address. If you are at the property and someone calls then you can simply advise them of the same.

Why did I receive a bailiff letter for a previous tenant?

As you do not owe any money then you cannot be forced to pay the debt and your goods cannot be seized for this debt. You can prove that you are not the person named on the order and that person may have been a previous tenant. You may need to contact the enforcement agency to find out if there is a debt that you owe, as it could be that this debt is not owed by you either.

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Can someone else send bailiffs to my door?

Even if someone fraudulently uses your address, a bailiff is not entitled to take your items to pay for someone else’s debts. The name of the person in debt will be on the court order they will have with them. If the bailiffs do come to your property then you would need to show them proof that the person in debt does not live in your house. You may also need to write a letter to the bailiffs to let them know that they do not live at your house and don’t have possessions in your home.

Can bailiffs come to my door for ex-spouse’s debt?

Bailiffs have an order from the court that tells them which address to go to and who to ask for, the person who they are collecting the debt from. If the order tells them to go to your house, as it is where they believe the person and their goods are likely to be found, then they somehow have incorrect information. Your ex could contact them and update their details and come to an arrangement to pay the debt. You can let the bailiffs know that your ex does not live at the address or has never lived at the address, perhaps provide proof of this by council tax, rent or mortgage details. If your ex has never lived at your address and does not have any property at your address then the bailiff cannot collect anything at your address.

How do bailiffs find your address?

There are various methods of locating a person who is not at the address expected, Tax, benefits, electoral register, DVLA and we are sure many other sources of information is available and debt collection agencies will each have their own processes and policies for how they seek the location of someone.

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Can High Court bailiffs visit a property if the person no longer lives at the address?

High Court Enforcement Agents or bailiffs can receive instructions to collect different types of debts and fines, they can be instructed to attend the place where a person lives or it could be the place where the person’s property can be found and taken into control.

So it could be that the enforcement agent has simply been following the order that they have been given. If you believe that they have acted incorrectly then you can make a complaint, you may find the information on the high court enforcement officers association website useful.

This will not affect the debt, or fine, and you will still need to deal with the money owed, if you need to prepare a financial statement and look at your options then it could be worth contacting a free debt adviser and explaining in greater detail.

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