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Debt Story #47

Posted by: tad_admin on 19th Feb 2012 | 0 Comments | Post Comment

Debt Story #47

My husband had a well paid job for the first 10 years of our married life,he was then made redundant twice in 2 years,we had 2 small children and at the time I was not working thinking that bringing up our children was a job in itself,however I returned to work when the first redundancy came along and we managed to keep our heads above water for a number of years not realizing that along the way we were accumulating debts that would cripple us 25 years later ,now we have around £65000 worth of debts,I am in the process of setting up a DMP through payplan ,we take full responsibility for all our debts and are not looking to write them off however the amount of interest we are paying is crippling us and affecting our relationship.we started the process last week and hopefully everything will be set up and running by the beginning of march.i`m really worried about being phoned and contacted by our creditors and felt awful that we have had to move our current account in order to avoid the bank offsetting what we owe them against our wages,we both still work full time and feel for the first time in years that we getting control back in our life’s and can see some light at the end of what has been a very long tunnel,I would urge anyone in similar circumstances to pick up the phone and confront your debts problem with the help of people who know the answers and realize that debt is not just the problem of the poor and people who can`t work but it affects all walks of life and if someone told me that 2 years ago we were going to be going into a DMP I would have laughed at them,well that had me!!!!

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