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Payplan has been helping people in debt since 1994. They’re based in Lincolnshire, not a million miles from where Maggie Thatcher grew up and Payplan is currently one of the largest commercial debt help organisations in the UK. They are best known for their free debt management plans which is the reason they are featured on our homepage, despite not being a charity. They also offer advice on IVAs and bankruptcy. They claim to help, advise, support and provide solutions to more than 100,000 people for free, each and every year.

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The Problem With Being In Debt & The Companies Trying To Help

  • There are 3.4 million UK adults in serious debt
  • The average debt is £25,115, although 9% of people have debts of over £60,000
  • 91% are paying off credit card debt
  • Women are even more affected by serious debt than men, with 75% saying they are not sleeping because of debt-stress, compared to 61% of men
  • Despite these high levels of stress, 15% of people still have not talked to anyone about their debt problems
  • Almost 48% of people in serious debt pay for their debt solution, although there are lots of free alternatives
  • A fifth of people on debt management plans plans will take more than 10 years to pay them off
  • Over 10 years, average charges add almost 20% to the cost and nearly 2 years to the repayment period
  • The suffering caused by debt stress and the unnecessary fees often paid can be avoided

Our Solution

To ensure that you get the right advice, we provide free access to expert charity debt advisors who provide unbiased debt advice. This helps those in serious debt to avoid advisors who charge excessive fees or feel it is reasonable to extend the period individuals are in debt beyond what is reasonable and logical.

Our Mission

  • To stop those is debt waiting month or years before talking to a trusted professional advisor
  • To stop those is debt being sold expensive debt management plans and instead helping them get access to free alternatives
  • To get anyone struggling with debt to Talk About Debt and not suffer unnecessarily
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 24 reviews
by Duncan on You Can Ask Questions & Find Answers Here

I struggled to get through to them at first and when I did I thought they were pretty good. They suggested debt management to me. An IVA has been suggested by another company. I now need to decide who's right.

by Mike on You Can Ask Questions & Find Answers Here

I have tried calling Pay Plan and get automated options that don't make sense as I am not a customer and have now given up 🙁

by Nick on You Can Ask Questions & Find Answers Here

I have been with payplan for 18months they went through my income and expenditure fully and came up with a realistic and affordable monthly payment with me. They dealt with all my creditors and the harassing phone call and threatening letters soon stopped. You are provided with an online facility that lets you see who you owe money to and how much each balance is. I contacted a lot of debt management companies who all tried to get me to do an IVA because they collect a lot of commission for selling them. Or they would keep a large portion of what I paid each month. With Pay Plan every penny comes of my debt and what I like most is you can actually see the end balance going down when you log on to your account.

by DEREK on You Can Ask Questions & Find Answers Here

I contacted payplan after a lot of major illness in my householdi felt i was just sinking deeper and deeper into a pit of dispair, we did a full s o a and payplan have dealt with my finances ever since i would reccomend anyone to use them they are superb.
Literally they are lifesavers 5 star absolutley brilliant cant say enough

by adam marsden on You Can Ask Questions & Find Answers Here

I used payplan about 6 years ago. at first it seemed brilliant. I could see the amount I owed coming down each month when I logged in.
But, when I got doen to only around £1000 left I decided to stop the payplan and pay it off myself over a couple of months. But when I actually contacted the companies I owed money to I was surprised to find I still owed nearly £4000 still! The amount remaining when I logged in was only an ESTIMATE.

add to this the fact that I was paying £140 a month on a natwest loan before starting with them. And they only paid £110 towards it each month and I got a DEFAULT on my credit file, all for the sake of £30 a month.

Just another one of the sharks feeding off people who are struggling if you ask me.

by Sarah on You Can Ask Questions & Find Answers Here

Pay Plan are absolutely great. I have been with them for 2 years now and they have solved a lot of my debt questions, problems. They are friendly and really easy to deal with. It was really a breath of fresh air! As a single mum with 3 kids I must say if it was not for them, I don't know where I would be now.
The debt is coming down, slowly a month at a time. Of course the Debt management is informal so creds were still harassing in the beguining, and in the beguning were adding interest , even though Pay Plan keeps asking them to stop! Most of them have though, now they are used to the plan. I see light at the end of the tunnel and would recomend them!!!

by Leah on You Can Ask Questions & Find Answers Here

Payplan are brilliant,I have been with them for two years and before I contacted them for help I was with a fee paying company and was not at all impressed.
The fee chargeing companing kept putting the amount up each month and i could not afford it so I searched the internet and found Payplan.
Its the best move I did,I can afford to live now and also pay my debts,I use justabank to see my debt goijg down and I can sleep now knowing its all under control.
Sometimes it does take a long time to get throught them but you can email and I have always had a reply and my problems have always been sorted out and Payplan have been very helpful and very very polite everytime I have phoned or received an email back.

by Jonathan on You Can Ask Questions & Find Answers Here

I've been with Payplan for nearly 3 years and they are a truly genuine and extremely helpful organisation. Payplan are also free - they do not charge fees for their services, which, after being a client of a fee-charging debt management company, it was a relief to realise I'd be paying my debt off in full several years quicker due to not paying fees to a third party. I agree with some of the other comments about difficulties contacting them - especially at busy periods - however, I disagree that the estimated debt remaining issue was never explained - Payplan are very honest about the fact that they cannot guarantee Interest and Charges being stopped - hence the reason for the estimated debt levels.

They are a pragmatic company, have never been judgmental (which is a good thing in my case; my debt problems began as the result of a ridiculously and unecessarily expensive lifestyle), and have afforded me respect at times when I've had little for myself.

So that's me - estimated to be debt free in another 3 years.

Thank you Payplan - highly recommended!

by encarnacion munoz on You Can Ask Questions & Find Answers Here

I contacted Payplan through their website last night and they rang me early today. So far so good

by Jackie on You Can Ask Questions & Find Answers Here

payplan are brilliant they organised a dmp for me that is easy to manage,i cannot fault this company,they are free to use and the staff are very very polite and always there to help ,contacting payplan was the best thing I ever did ,I can live now and not worry about not be able to afford to pay my debts,I use justabank to see how the debts are clearing and this makes me a happy bunny. Thank you payplan ,highly recommend Payplan

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