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Citizens Advice


Citizens Advice Bureau is a network of independent charities which exist in local communities to help people resolve their money, legal and all sorts of other problems. We’re fortunate to have such an established organisation such as Citizens Advice in the UK. We would certainly recommend that you talk to one of their advisors if you’re looking for advice around how best to solve a debt probelm.

“Citizens Advice Bureau has seen debt enquiries double in the last ten years. Debt is now the number one issue facing those who visit, accounting for nearly 1 in 3 of all enquiries. CAB advisers are currently dealing with thousands of new debt problems every working day.”

Most Citizens Advice service staff are trained volunteers. If you want to arrange a meeting you’ll find that they have around 3,400 community locations in England adnd Wales, run by 360 registered charities – as at March 2012, so hopefully you’ll find one near you.

The Citizens Advice Bureau ‘Advice Guide’ provides lots of information and help on debt and money issues also.

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To ensure you get the right advice for your needs, why not read our review of the UK’s best debt charities. This list helps ensure that those in serious debt avoid advisors who charge excessive fees or feel it’s reasonable to extend the period individuals are in debt beyond what is fair.

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Solutions Debts Written Off Legally Binding Interests & Charges Residential Status Fees Notes
IVA Yes – Average 58% Yes Stopped Tenant or Homeowner (Eng/Wales) Yes on average around 20% of the payments you make to creditors Typically you must have debts over £15,000 and be able to offer yourcreditors about 20% of the value of the debt back over 5 years.
Debt Management No No Many Freeze Tenant or Homeowner Yes In a Debt Management Plan, you will be required to repay all of your debt in full.
Consolidation No yes New Rates & Charges Tenant or Homeowner Yes Consolidating your debts generally means you’ll pay more back over a longer period of time.
Bankruptcy yes yes Stopped Tenant or Homeowner (Eng/Wales) Yes – up to £700 depending on your circumstances. You may also be subject to a 3 year Income Payments You need to think carefully about all the affect bankruptcy will have on your home and your employment.
Debt Relief Order yes yes Stopped Tenant Yes – £90 You must have debts under £15,000 and have little in the way of assets
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by John Lochrie on Blank Business Name

What can I say about the CAB? Whilst they do a great deal of work in this area and they used to have a great service, now they come across as putting barriers in peoples way from getting urgent help. Run by volunteers who still need to 'check' with the supervisors about what to advise a client, they have become a sloooooooooow way of getting help. And don't get me started on the fact that training takes too long and paid staff are over-professionalised. In my area NorthWest, it takes months to see a specialist Debt Advisor, who may still not be able to take your case! People in crisis debt need help asap, so they should steer clear of CAB. They'd be better looking for a local free Advice Centre. Don't rate 'em.

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