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Christians Against Poverty

Christians Against Poverty www.capuk.org

Christians Against Poverty is a National UK charity, working tirelessly to help lift people out of debt and poverty.

They were recently voted runner up in the prestigious Sunday Times Best 100 not-for-profit organisations to work for – their approach is to work in partnership with local churches because they believe that the Church can be trusted to help turn lives around for the better.

They offer free debt counselling through a network of hundreds of centres based in local churches.

Their message to those struggling with debt problems is that there is a way out of debt and there is definitely help at hand.

Each year they help over 20,000 people to find their way out of the ‘black hole’ as they call it.

Their approach is to sit down with you and help to work out a fair budget. They’ll also negotiate with creditors if you want them to and talk you through how insolvency works in practice.

On a more positive note, they also run CAP Money Courses, which teach more than 10,000 people a year to budget, save and prevent debt in first place.

CAP also offers ‘CAP Money’ which is a course teaching you about money management, budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that really works.

This course will help anyone to get more in control of their finances, so they can save and prevent debt. You can find out how CAP Money works here 

They also recently launched CAP Job Clubs to help people to get back into work.

Why not visit their website for further information about their debt advice centre locations or you can do a postcode search here  to find your nearest centre.

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Today I had my first meeting. I felt humbled by the dedication of my councillor.I have no religeous faith but I felt comforted in our prayer sessionat the end of our meeting. Thank You

For years now I have been recommending friends and family to Christians Against Poverty. I myself am debt free becasue someone hleped me 8 years ago to do a financial statement. Everyone who I send to CAP come back to me with a weight off their shoulders, looking years younger. They not only do the dent managment, but 'care' for clients during and after things settle down. Every friend says the workers there are lovely, expecially the local workers who even check your food cupboard (with permission) and help buy a weeks food if you don't have any! Now that's something I've never heard of before. I would give them a big 5/5 stars for their service.

I whent on the Cap Money management Course 2 years ago I had £6000 of debt. I am now 6 mouths away form being debt free thanks to there finical Education program (cap money). I did not need there CAP money+ service as I was able to sort repayment my self out. how ever I know that that sevice was there if i ever got in to a worse situation..

I found CAP at a very low desperate time in my life, i had tried several avenues to address my debt problems but found no solutions , with CAP however, they were and are a solution to debt, because they dont just give you advice, they actually HELP you with the whole process of getting out of debt, they take the stress away , because, the constant phone calls, the threatening letters and the dreaded knocks on the door all Stop, because CAP becomes your 'spokesperson' with regards to the debts, they negotiate with the finance companies so you don't have to and they set a realistic living budget for you to stick too, that takes all your living needs and debts into account, to enable you to actually move forward and see a future, I would recommend CAP to anyone who is in debt, they saved my life and changed it for the better, i am now almost debt free, its the best thing i ever did seeking help from Christians Against Poverty.

This time last year i was very depressed, Didnt want to get out of bed wouldnt open the door wouldnt answer the phone,Bailiffs were calling and ringing weekly along with other debtors.I had major family problems aswell as the debt. The debt got bad when i had to finish workI contacted CAP after seeing Martin Lewis on tv. My life began to change for the betterCAP sent along Anne Young who listened to my problems and didnt judge me, From that day CAP contacted all the debotors which was a huge wieght off my shouldersAnne prayed for me which at that point i didnt take any notice. After a few visits i agreed to go along to churchIT was amazing, I couldnt wait to go backA few months later CAP sent us on our first holiday for yearsIn that holiday i gave my life to GODI have been going to church ever since and it has made a huge differance in my lifeI NOW HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE AND GREAT FRIENDSI am getting baptised on 3rd JulyAND I AM DEBT FREEPraise the LORD

I am currently being helped my CAP to pay off my debts. I did a money management course over 3 weeks which helped me to budge.They have been a complete lifeline and i really dont know what myself and my husband would have done without their kind and professional help. i cant wait to be debt free in 2 years!

Fantastic, so much support cant praise them highly enough. My circumtances have now changed and they are helping me sort everything out again, marvellous organisatioin is CAP

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