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Red Castle Recoveries contact details:

Company Name: Red Castle Recoveries

Other Names: Red Castle, Arvato, Arvato Financial Solutions,

24 George Square
G2 1EG

Main Contact Number(s): 0845 245 2451



Who is Red Castle Recoveries?

Red Castle Recoveries is a debt collection company that is merged into Arvato Financial Solutions Ltd.

Arvato is one of the leading debt recovery specialists in the UK and Ireland. They have over 30 years of experience and manage millions of accounts and clients every year.

When a bank, credit card company or retail company hasn’t got the resources it needs to chase one of their outstanding accounts successfully, they often choose to sell it to a company like Arvato, for a reduced price. Arvato chases the full amount of the debt with their range of resources and systems designed purely to achieve the most successful outcome.

The Arvato group of companies are all regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and follow the Credit Service Association (CSA) code of practice.

Why would they contact you?

If you owe money to a telephone provider, mobile phone company, utility supplier, a shop, bank or any other lender, Arvato could now own your account and are chasing you for payment to clear the account.

You may also have council tax arrears. Some local authorities employ Arvato to recover outstanding tax payments.

Some of their better-known clients include:

  • Bank of Ireland
  • Barclays
  • EE
  • Talk Talk
  • Vodafone
  • Wonga

It’s their agents’ job to help you make the outstanding repayments in amounts you can reasonably afford, and as part of a manageable plan.

If you are struggling to make your payments, talk to TAD today for your financial health check.

Do you owe Red Castle Recoveries / Avarto money?

There are cases where the person being chased has nothing to do with the debt in question. It could be a case of mistaken identity, identity theft, or a debt that is associated with the address where they live.

You might have repaid the debt in full to your original lender, and the details haven’t flowed through to your collection agent yet.

Arvato must provide full details and paperwork before they can claim any of the money you owe. If you don’t owe Arvato money, you need to provide proof to show them why.

How old is the debt Red Castle Recoveries / Arvato is collecting?

Some debts become what is known as statute barred if left for a specific length of time.

The amount of time is usually around 6 years. If you haven’t paid towards the outstanding debt or made any effort to contact your lender in that time, you could have the rest of what you owe written off.

If you think that this situation applies to you, then you can check on your credit report and with the FCA. If it is, then they can work with you and the lender to have the debt closed off.

Is Red Castle Recovery / Avarto Financial treating you unfairly?

The rules and regulations about collecting debt are strict and designed to protect borrowers and buyers from unreasonable treatment and behaviour.

Where any agency, bailiff or debt collection company behaves outside of what is acceptable to the Financial Conduct Authority’s guidelines, they could qualify for prosecution. In turn, this means that you could be entitled to compensation.

At the very least, it will guarantee you protection and fair treatment for the remainder of your repayment term.

The following selection should give you an idea of what your debt collector isn’t allowed to do:

  • Making phone calls at unreasonable times
  • Repeatedly calling you throughout the day
  • Writing letters that appear to be from the court when they’re not
  • Using complicated language and industry terms to confuse you
  • Discussing your debt with anyone but you or an agent employed to manage your case
  • Continuing to contact you when your debt is in dispute

Managing your debt

Here at Talk About Debt, we know just how stressful and worrying being chased by a debt collector or a bailiff can be. We want to help you to prevent this from happening. There are a variety of methods to manage an outstanding debt, and it should always be done in an affordable way.

We deal with companies just like Avarto every day. We know the jargon, we know what they expect, and we can use all of our expertise to get the solutions you need, quickly and efficiently.

We’d also like to make sure you stay financially healthy, helping you to understand the various ways of managing credit and debt issues when they arise.

Support from our trusted debt advice partners will help you determine the state of your debt to be certain you do owe the money, or if it has been statute barred.

If they can challenge the debt, they will make sure you don’t have to pay them a penny.

If, however, the debt is live, then they can help you find a debt solution that suits your circumstances to help regain control of your finances.

Your debt solution will allow you to repay what you owe with monthly payments based on what you can realistically afford each month.

For help dealing with your debt, talk to TAD to be connected with one of our trusted debt partners.

*Talk About Debt is not associated with Red Castle Recovery, Avarto Financial Solutions, or any of the agencies in our debt collection agency and bailiff directory.