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If you’ve found yourself in contact with Intrum and need some help and advice, we’ve got everything you need to know.

Being contacted by debt collectors for money you owe can be a stressful situation. We understand that you may have questions you aren’t comfortable asking them, or perhaps you’ve simply lost their phone number.

The following page outlines how Intrum could have acquired your debt, their usual practices and expected behaviours. We’ve also listed their contact details, so you know how to contact them to investigate a problem.

Intrum Justitia contact details:

Company Name: Intrum Justitia Holdings Ltd.

Other Names: Intrum Justitia, Intrum, Intrum UK, Intrum International

The Omnibus Building
Lesbourne Road

Main Contact Number(s): 01737 237 370


Email: Contact form on the website

Other phone numbers that they might use to contact you:

0161 968 7065 or 0161 475 2875

Opening hours:

Monday–Friday: 8am–8pm
Saturday: 9am–1.30pm
Sunday: Closed

Who is Intrum Justitia Debt Collection?

Intrum is a debt purchase and collection company. They buy debts from lenders who don’t have the time or money to chase accounts that are behind for payment. This works for both parties, because the original lender can recover part of the money they’re owed, and Intrum will get likely get more money than the amount they paid to acquire the debt.

They buy debts from loan, credit card and store card companies, banks, retail businesses, utility providers and telecom providers.

They work within consumer and commercial sectors, collecting money from individuals and businesses.

Intrum acquired 1st Credit Limited in February 2017, so if you held debt or a collection schedule with them, you are now accountable to Intrum.

Intrum UK is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Why would they contact you?

You may owe money on an outstanding bill or to a previous energy supplier, phone provider or mobile contract. You could have ignored a credit card or a bank loan because you haven’t got or didn’t have enough money to pay it. If any of these are the case, then Intrum may have been given the job of collecting the money you owe.

The process will usually begin by them sending you a letter or a phone call and could lead to a visit to your home or place of work.

If you don’t agree to make the payments or set up a new payment plan to cover the debt, you could be in danger of court action or losing your property and belongings to pay towards the amount you owe.

You must speak with them to avoid further action. Finding yourself at the hands of debt collectors or bailiffs can become incredibly stressful, so it’s important not to ignore them and deal with the situation as soon as possible.

Do you owe Intrum UK money?

If you’ve received a letter from Intrum, then there’s a good chance that you owe them the money they’re pursuing.

There is a chance that they’ve taken over a debt connected to your address that you’re not responsible for, or for a debt that has been paid in full since they took it over.

The important thing is to check for all of the debt details, to find out who is responsible and the total current amount.

Intrum must be able to provide proof of the debt and the payment amount made to date. If you are to challenge anything about the collection, then you should also be able to prove your findings to fight the charges.

If the debt is going to be difficult for you to pay back, they must work with you to come to a solution that’s affordable to you. You should never be pressured into applying for further loans to cover the cost of your existing ones.

How old is the debt they are collecting?

Some debts can expire, depending on how old they are. This is known as statute bar.

A statute barred debt is one that after a certain amount of time without a payment being made, or from its start date, is then disregarded and no longer legally required to be collected.

If your loan or credit agreement is statute barred, we can help you have it removed, so you don’t have to pay another penny.

Should the debt still be active and needs to be paid, yet the repayment method and amount aren’t practical in your current circumstances, it’s important to explain this to them. You can also show them proof of what you can afford to help your case.

If this doesn’t get you anywhere, you can make a complaint to both the company and the FCA for unfair treatment.

Is Intrum UK treating you unfairly?

There are many occasions where the collection of what you owe is against the law. In some cases, you could be entitled to compensation.

This is known as unfair treatment, and can include things such as:

  • Heavy-handed pressure to pay
  • Being called at unreasonable times
  • Taking payment without permission
  • Sending correspondence that looks like a court form
  • Adding unreasonable charges and excessive costs

If you feel any of these things have happened to you, then it’s important to contact the agency to resolve the matter. In cases where you can’t come to a solution, you can then make a complaint to both Intrum and the FCA.

Managing your debt

At Talk About Debt we deal with debt collection agencies just like Intrum every day. We know how they operate, the jargon they use, and what they are and aren’t allowed to do to recover the money you owe.

Our team are experts and will deal with your issue in a friendly and understanding manner. We know that anyone can be prone to a debt issue and that dealing with it doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult.

We’re here to help you take control of your budget—to understand the many issues and causes of debt, how to avoid them, and how to resolve problem situations whenever the need arises.

Support from our trusted debt advice partners will help you determine the state of your debt to be certain you do owe the money, or if it has been statute barred.

If they can challenge the debt, they will make sure you don’t have to pay them a penny.

If, however, the debt is live, then they can help you find a debt solution that suits your circumstances to help regain control of your finances.

Your debt solution will allow you to repay what you owe with monthly payments based on what you can realistically afford each month.

For help dealing with your debt, talk to TAD to be connected with one of our trusted debt partners.

*Talk About Debt is not associated with Intrum or any of the agencies in our debt collection agency and bailiff directory.