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Excel Civil Enforcement Ltd.

Money plays a big part in our lives, and it comes with a lot of responsibilities. If you’ve reached the point where you’re expecting a visit from one of Excel Civil Enforcement’s bailiffs or agents, then you should be looking for help to get back on track.

Dealing with a bailiff doesn’t have to be the battle you’re expecting, but dealing with your problem is a must.

We’re here to explain everything about their visit and also to help you find a way to deal with your debts that works for you.

First, you’ll need to know how to deal with your impending bailiff visit. This guide will help you understand your rights and the best things to do to protect your belongings, valuables and your vehicle.

For information regarding your specific situation, our experts are ready to talk to you to help you work through your money problems and find a way to handle them that suits your situation.

The golden rule when dealing with the bailiffs

Never give bailiffs access to your home or your belongings.

In simple terms: DON’T LET THEM IN.

A bailiff will do whatever they can to gain access to your home. Once they’re inside, you’ll find it very hard to get rid of them until you’ve agreed to pay them the money you owe or they’ve made a list of the things they plan to remove and sell if you can’t.

They don’t have a right to force entry if you haven’t granted them access, so whatever you do—don’t let them in!

You should seek professional advice on how to resolve your situation, and to provide a payment plan to deal with the debt in question and prevent further action and visits by the bailiff.

Collect Services contact details:

Company Name: Excel Civil Enforcement Ltd.

Other Names: Excel Enforcement, Excel Bailiffs, Excel Enforcement Agency

Marine House,
2 Marine Road,
Colwyn Bay
LL29 8PH

Main Contact Number(s): 0845 370 7775

Fax: 01492 534289



Opening hours:

Monday–Friday: 8:00am–8:00pm
Saturday–Sunday: 8:00am–1:00pm

Who is Excel Civil Enforcement?

Excel Civil Enforcement was opened in 1991 to deliver enforcement, collection and associated services to local authorities and central government departments.

They have won several awards including Excellence in Enforcement and Best Use of Credit Technology to Staff Development and Outstanding Commitment to Training.

The Ministry of Justice regulates all bailiffs and enforcement agencies.

Why would Excel Civil Enforcement contact you?

If you have failed to pay fines or for local and central government services that have resulted in their collection via the courts, a bailiff will be employed to recover them.

  • Council tax
  • Non-domestic rates
  • Parking and traffic penalties
  • Court fines
  • BID levy
  • Sundry debt
  • Evictions
  • Property inspections

As a last resort, an enforcement agency is able to take any valuables they think are worth selling to pay towards your debt.

They aren’t allowed to take just anything.

They CAN TAKE any cash you have, electrical goods, TVs, games consoles and luxury items, including antiques and jewellery.

They CAN’T TAKE any essential items that you use every day. For example, they can’t take kitchen ‘white goods’ (e.g., cooker, fridge, freezer, etc.), landline telephones, dining tables and chairs, heating and lighting appliances or your mobile phone.

They can only take items belonging to the debtor and not any items joint owned with another resident in your home.

If you’re unsure of your rights or about a particular item you think a bailiff might not have the right to take, our team has all the information you need.

What happens to the goods Excel Civil Enforcement take from you?

If you fail to repay the money you owe in time, your goods will be sold and the money raised, used to pay towards your debt, and to cover the costs accrued by their recovery.

Before any of your belongings can be removed, your bailiff must make a Controlled Goods Agreement. This document is created by the enforcement agency to detail the possessions you own that will be taken if you fail to make payment.

There are ways to protect your possessions and to stop them from being removed. You must do this before the bailiffs make their list, so act fast if you’ve received a warning of a visit.

If you can store your valuables at someone else’s home until your situation is resolved, the bailiff’s can’t gain access to them so won’t be able to add them to your list.

One other way is to find a repayment method that works for everyone and stick to it. We can help you with the different options available if you aren’t sure what they are.

What happens when Excel Civil Enforcement want to take your car?

We can offer a few different ways to protect a vehicle from being removed and sold.

If your car is under a hire purchase agreement, then the enforcement officers can’t take it. It’s not legally classed as your property until the agreement is paid in full.

Also, they can’t remove any car with a Blue Disabled Badge.

You should park your vehicle where the enforcement officers can’t find it. Otherwise, you can park it on private property where they don’t have legal access. This includes a neighbour’s driveway or garage.

If the officers find your car and clamp it in order to remove it later, it’s important that you don’t interfere with the process or the clamp. You would be breaking the law and could end up with a prison sentence or further fine.

Bailiff’s fees

Outlined under the Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014, an enforcement agent will charge you £75 just for issuing your enforcement notice.

The list of further charges adds up quickly. These include a £235 fee for home and work visits, £110 for selling your goods, and that’s not to mention a range of associated costs that will accumulate along the way.

Once the courts are involved, some costs are unavoidable. However, acting fast in finding a solution to your financial problems could save you many more. Talk to TAD today to find out the best course of action for your situation.

If you’ve been contacted by Excel Civil Enforcement  and need some help or advice, talk to TAD today. Support from our trusted debt advice partners will help you determine the state of your debt to be certain you do owe the money, or if it has been statute barred.

If they can challenge the debt, they will make sure you don’t have to pay them a penny.

If, however, the debt is live, then they can help you find a debt solution that suits your circumstances to help regain control of your finances.

Your debt solution will allow you to repay what you owe with monthly payments based on what you can realistically afford each month.

For help dealing with your debt, talk to TAD to be connected with one of our trusted debt partners.

*Talk About Debt is not associated with Excel Civil Enforcement or any of the bailiffs and agencies included in our directory.