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Credit Solutions Ltd. – dissolved 2017

Credit Solutions Ltd. operated from July 1990 and was dissolved in July 2017.

They also operated under the name Kerrin Ltd. between July 1990 and August 1990.

Company No.: 025209232

Registered Office Address:
Capella Court
Brighton Road

What should I do if I owe Credit Solutions Ltd. money?

When Credit Solutions Ltd. was dissolved, any outstanding accounts should have been passed on to an alternative agency to collect payments.

Some debt types may have been written off altogether.

In either case, the debtor should have received relevant paperwork or an information pack with instruction of how the existing debt would be handled.

If you never received details from Credit Solutions or an alternative agent about how your debt would be managed, your best option would be to wait to see if you are contacted in future by an agent who is employed to take over the debt.

Statute barred debt

If nobody contacts you about the money that you owe within 6 years in England or 5 years in Scotland, your debt will become statute barred.

Statute barred debts are written off if left inactive for the total period.

The time period begins from the last payment made towards the debt or when you last made written communication accepting responsibility for the debt.

We would suggest you wait out the time period and then apply to have the debt removed from your credit report.

Managing debt

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