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How much debt do you have?



If you’ve been contacted by BW Legal Services about the money you owe to another business, bank or credit agency, or for a store card, credit card, or because you’ve missed payments on utility bills, then you could be in danger of legal action.

BW Legal can use court action to recover the money that you owe. This means a County Court Judgement, a Notice of Enforcement Action or a Notice of Issue of Warrant of Control.

If you’ve been sent any of these notices, or had phone calls, letters or a visit from them or a bailiff, you’ll probably have all sorts of questions about your rights. You’ll also want to know how the process works and how it will affect you.

We can help you with anything you’re unsure of, and on this page you’ll find a simple overview of who they are, what they do, and how to contact them.

BW Legal contact details:

Company Name: BW Legal Services Ltd.

Other Names: BW Legal, bwlegal

Enterprise House
1 Apex View
LS11 9BH

Main Contact Number(s): 0113 487 0430




Other phone numbers that they might use to contact you:

0161 968 7065 or 0161 475 2875

Office hours:

Monday–Friday: 8:00am–7:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am–1:00pm

Who is BW Legal Services?

BW Legal Services was created in 2009 and is now the largest independent debt recovery law firm in the UK.

They are specialists in both consumer debt collection and commercial and business debts across all sectors. They offer cutting edge services at every point of debt collection. Also, because they are solicitors, they also utilise the court system as a means to recover any money you owe.

They are regulated by both the Financial Conduct Authority and the Solicitors Regulation Authority. They are also multiple award winners in consumer, commercial and customer services.

Why would BW Legal contact you?

BW Legal work for a range of clients, recovering money owed to them using their legal expertise. Taking over the responsibility of recovering a debt may mean they’re chasing money you owe to another business.

Your original debt could be related to:

  • Private parking payments or fines
  • Outstanding credit on credit cards, catalogues, store cards and more
  • Energy or utility provider payments and accounts
  • Commercial rent arrears
  • Commercial debts

If BW Legal is chasing any of the above debts, they will normally firstly go down the route of offering you an affordable repayment plan.

If the person then fails to make their payments and doesn’t stick to the rules of their agreement, BW Legal will then go down the route of court action to recover the debt.

Do you owe BW Legal Services money?

If you owe BW Legal money for a debt that has got out of control, it is important that you take action to deal with it.

If they pursue your debt through the County Court, they can issue a County Court Judgement (CCJ). With this they are then able to hire bailiffs to enforce the claim via a Warrant of Control.

A bailiff can visit your home or business to take things you own that they can sell to try and cover the amount of money you owe. This can include your car, jewellery and anything else valuable that isn’t seen as necessary to an acceptable standard of living.

They can also apply for a charging order on your property or a statutory demand.

This is why it’s so important to take steps to avoid legal action. The stress involved when your home and property are at risk can have a terrible impact on you and your family. We can advise you in the ways to prevent these situations from arising, and how to get back into good financial health.

Is BW Legal treating you unfairly?

There are strict rules and regulations on how legal companies can act when chasing unpaid debts. The Financial Conduct Authority decides what’s fair and what isn’t, and any company found breaking the laws are can be put up for prosecution.

Bailiffs have many rights that debt collectors don’t. They are allowed to come into your home and take your belongings, but only if you allow them to. There are strict rules they must stick to, so be sure of your rights before you receive a visit.

You’ll be made aware that they are coming by letter. However, if you can avoid a visit, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour. Not only is it stressful, but it can also be very difficult to get a bailiff to leave your property until they get what they came for.

Managing your debt

The team at Talk About Debt can offer advice and suggest further support to deal with companies like BW Legal.

We know the many alternative routes you can take to avoid a CCJ or prosecution through the court system. Most debt collectors will be happy to work with you to reduce your debt through affordable means, even if it defers from the terms they initially suggest.

Support from our trusted debt advice partners will help you determine the state of your debt to be certain you do owe the money, or if it has been statute barred.

If they can challenge the debt, they will make sure you don’t have to pay them a penny.

If, however, the debt is live, then they can help you find a debt solution that suits your circumstances to help regain control of your finances.

Your debt solution will allow you to repay what you owe with monthly payments based on what you can realistically afford each month.

For help dealing with your debt, talk to TAD to be connected with one of our trusted debt partners

*Talk About Debt is not associated with BW Legal or any of the agencies and solicitors in our debt collection agency and bailiff directory.