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Andrew James Enforcement Ltd.

When you receive a letter from a bailiff or enforcement agency, letting you know that they’re planning a visit, you’re bound to have a long list of questions.

  • What will they do?
  • Can they take my belongings?
  • Can they evict me?
  • How can I find the money to pay them?
  • What are my rights?
  • What are their rights?

A court-appointed bailiff, or enforcement agent, is entitled to remove belongings to pay towards the outstanding money you owe, but they have to follow strict rules to do so. Removing your belongings is often a last resort.

The following information should answer most of your questions.

For further advice specific to your situation, our team of experts are ready and waiting to help.

The golden rule when dealing with any bailiff

Never give the bailiff access to your home or your belongings.

In the simplest terms: DON’T LET THEM IN.

A bailiff can only enter your home if you say they can. However, if the door is open and they have access, they will do their best to enter of their own accord. Once they have access to your home, you’ll find it very difficult to get them to leave until they’ve got what they want.

So, for the best outcome, keep the doors to your home closed and locked at all times.

Talk to your bailiff through the letterbox, join them outside, or speak to them in a vestibule where the main door to your house remains locked—but whatever you do, don’t let them in.

Andrew James Bailiffs contact details:

Company Name: Andrew James Enforcement Ltd.

Other Names: Andrew James, Andrew James Bailiffs

Latheron Chambers
41 Mansel Street

Main Contact Number(s): 01792 645533

Fax: 01792 646655



Opening hours:

Monday–Friday: 8:00am–8:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am–1:00pm

Who is Andrew James Ltd.?

Andrew James Enforcement Ltd. is a personal and tailored debt recovery service. They work with Local Authorities, Magistrates’ Courts and within the private sector.

They utilise traditional collection methods, backed with new technologies, to recover the money owed to their clients.

They are based in Swansea and collect debts throughout Wales.

The Ministry of Justice regulates all bailiffs and enforcement agencies.

Why would Andrew James Bailiffs contact you?

Andrew James Enforcement Ltd. provides the following services, so if you have fallen behind with payments, have been taken to court for debt relating to anything on their list, or another of their actions, that’s what they will have been employed to pursue.

  • Collection of Council Tax
  • Collection of non-domestic rates
  • Decriminalised parking enforcement
  • Commercial rent recovery
  • Magistrates’ fines enforcement
  • Execution of Inland Revenue Distress Warrants
  • Execution of Warrants of Arrest
  • Sundry debt collection
  • Process serving
  • Investigations

Your bailiff will take every opportunity to recover what you owe, utilising every means available.

The court grants them the right to specific actions not available to a typical debt collection agency.

The most concerning area of difference is that they can remove your possessions to sell towards repaying your debt.

Items Andrew James bailiffs can take from you:

  • Luxury items
  • Jewellery
  • Your car
  • Televisions
  • Games consoles
  • Money
  • Antiques
  • Joint-owned items

Items Andrew James bailiffs can’t take from you:

  • Daily essentials such as clothes and food
  • White goods, i.e., cooker, fridge, freezer
  • Dining tables and chairs
  • Work tools and equipment under £1,350 in value
  • Belongings owned by someone else, i.e., your partner’s computer, children’s toys, etc.

It’s difficult to prove ownership of most belongings, and where you can’t, your bailiff will take the items they think will be worth selling.

If you need further information about what a bailiff can and can’t take, our experts will be able to explain the precise details personal to your case.

What happens to the goods Andrew James Ltd. take from you?

If a bailiff takes your belongings, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost them for good. Consider their removal a threat to sell them if you don’t find the money to repay your outstanding debt.

If you can find an alternative solution or the money they need, you can get recover all of what they take, as long as you can do it before the goods go to auction or get sold by other means.

If you can prove your bailiff acted outside the guidelines that regulate them, you will also have your goods returned.

If you’d like help getting your property back, call our team to find out how we can help.

What happens if Andrew James Bailiffs take your car?

Your car is likely to be one of the most valuable possessions you own, so an enforcement agent will know just how much of what you owe can be recouped by selling it.

They cannot take a car that is still being paid for on hire purchase.

They can take a joint-owned car, as long as the paperwork shows the debtor to be one of the legal owners.

They can’t, however, take a car they can’t find or don’t have access to.

They can never take a car with a Blue Disabled Badge.

If a bailiff clamps your car, you must never try to remove the clamps. Any tampering is illegal, and you could even be awarded a prison sentence if you try.

The best way to keep your car safe is to hide it or park it a neighbour’s driveway or garage.

Bailiff’s fees

Bailiffs are entitled to charge a range of different costs and expenses. Their fees will add to the amount you owe significantly, so again, we’d stress finding an alternative payment solution before any action takes place, wherever possible.

The Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014 control what they can charge but the fees are excessive for the amount of work undertaken.

Your bailiff will also charge you for any costs involved with removal, storage and selling of goods, replacing damaged locks, court fees, and any other expenses they can apply to your case.

Wherever you can find a settlement solution to avoid unnecessary expense you should.

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