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Albion Collections

We can help you with any problems you may have or have had with Albion Collections. Whether you need access to their contact information, to understand your rights in a matter that involves them, or if you held a debt with another provider that Albion took over to manage, we want to help.

TAD, our resident debt expert, can explain every step of the process, your legal rights and the best way to manage your unique situation to get yourself back on track.

  • Did you take out a bank loan or credit card that fell into arrears?
  • Did Albion Collections contact you to retrieve the money you owed when you struggled to make your repayments?
  • Has your Albion Collections account been passed on to another debt collector and you’re not sure what to do?

We can help you to understand what’s going on, and the best ways to manage the problem. If the information you need doesn’t appear below, get in touch with TAD, who’s ready and waiting to help.

Albion Collection contact details:

Company Name: Albion Collections Ltd.

Other Names: HBOS, Halifax Bank of Scotland, Retail Bank Collections

PO BOX 607
Trinity Road

Main Contact Number(s): 0845 604 2411

Who is Albion Collections Ltd.?

Albion Collections was the internal in-house collection company for the Bank of Scotland Group.

However, they were dissolved in 2015, and since then the bank has employed the services of other independent debt collection agencies to handle their accounts that have fallen into arrears.

Banks and financial groups will occasionally create an in-house team that acts as an outside agency. This tactic puts extra pressure to their customers to make them believe that matters have become more serious now that a specialist has been employed to recover the money they owe.

Why would they contact you?

If you failed to pay a loan, meet credit card payments or have defaulted on mortgage payments, Albion Collections could have been instructed to find out why you’ve fallen into arrears, to arrange a better payment plan, or to put pressure on you to recover the money.

If you had a financial arrangement with Albion Collections that got out of control, you might need advice on how to handle the situation, and how to deal with the new agency brought in to manage your account.

There are many different ways to get out of debt. You aren’t stuck with one course of action so understanding the various options is a significant first step to resolving a difficult situation.

Do you owe Albion Collections, the Halifax or Bank of Scotland money?

The first thing you should make sure of when approached by any debt collection agency is that you owe them the money they say you do.

Some debts are applied through mistaken identity or fraudulent account set up. It’s unlikely that a debt passed from a bank could be such a situation, but it does happen.

There are many grey areas where joint accounts are concerned, so expert advice and understanding is necessary to dictate precisely who is responsible for the unpaid amount.

We can help you obtain the facts relating to your specific circumstances and the best way to get you debt-free again.

How old is the debt they are collecting?

Statute barred debt is a credit agreement that has been inactive for a specific length of time it is no longer enforceable.

The timeframe starts from your last payment or the most recent written contact you had where you admitted responsibility for the money that is outstanding.

If that period exceeds 5 or 6 years (depending on where you live), then you could be entitled to have the debt written off for good.

We can help to confirm where your debt stand and offer you advice to help you clear your record. If it turns out that the debt is still active, we’ll help you find the best way to manage it that’s affordable to you.

Did Albion Collections or your current debt collectors treat you unfairly?

Debt collectors are expected to abide by the Credit Services Association Code of Practice. Where any debt collector breaks the rules, they are eligible to be prosecuted, protecting consumers using credit services throughout the UK.

We can help you to find out if you have reason to raise a complaint with the Financial Conduct Authority to resolve your situation, remove any unreasonable pressure or behaviour, and in some cases, you could be entitled to compensation.

Some examples covered by the FCA and CSA are:

  • Harassment
  • Bullying
  • Trying to confuse debtors with industry terms and complicated jargon
  • Providing literature designed to look like intimidating court threats
  • Expecting borrowers to apply for additional credit to try and pay their existing loans and debts
  • Refusing to speak to your debt advisor or chosen representative

We can help you figure out if anything they have done can be considered inappropriate or illegal. If you have been a victim in any of these areas, we can show you just what you can do about it.

Managing your debt

It’s our job to help people get their finances back on track. However you may have slipped into a situation out of your control, we’d like to steer you back on course.

Some cases are more straightforward than others, but there are always options. Because we’re specialists, we know which are the best options in every situation, and which ones will have the least impact on your life.

Anxiety and stress are often related to money worries and their associated problems, yet they are avoidable. Talk to TAD today to see how you could deal with what looks like a big problem, in a few simple steps.

Support from our trusted debt advice partners will help you determine the state of your debt to be certain you do owe the money, or if it has been statute barred.

If they can challenge the debt, they will make sure you don’t have to pay them a penny.

If, however, the debt is live, then they can help you find a debt solution that suits your circumstances to help regain control of your finances.

Your debt solution will allow you to repay what you owe with monthly payments based on what you can realistically afford each month.

For help dealing with your debt, talk to TAD to be connected with one of our trusted debt partners.

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