5 Tips for a frighteningly fun Halloween… on a budget!

Halloween has been revealed as the fasting growing retail event in the UK for under 18’s, with 58% of 4 to 9 year-olds expected to partake in trick or treating this year!

Kids insight data shows that a third of young children ask their parents to buy decorations for the house and 40% will purchase a fancy-dress outfit.

As Christmas is just around the corner, Halloween can be a stressful time for parents who want their kids to enjoy the holiday but don’t have the money to go all out.

Whether you are throwing a Halloween party, or just want to decorate the house for your kids and trick-or-treaters, we have put together some top saving tips that will ensure you have a fang-tastic Halloween.

1. DIY Decorations

Decorating for Halloween is fun for the kids – and you! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either as there are plenty DIY decorations you can have fun making.

You can turn your garden into a creepy cemetery by just cutting out and painting cardboard shaped tombstones. There is a handy step by step guide here.

There are plenty easy inside decorations you can make as well from spider-web coasters, ghost lanterns and much more. Take a look at some of these easy and affordable DIY decorations here.

So there is no need to spend all of your money decorating your home for Halloween, let your creative side out and have fun creating the decorations with your family and friends. You can find many of the materials you need to make decorations at your local supermarket or pound store.

2. Make your own costumes

Buying a costume is often the biggest expense for many people during Halloween. Many parents feel the pressure to buy their children the latest trend costume which don’t come cheap and adult’s costumes are even more expensive.

However, there are so many DIY Halloween costumes for kids and adults that you can make cheap or even for free if you have the items lying around the house!

Here are some fun kid’s costumes which won’t break the bank:

  • Rubik’s cube – this is a really easy but effective costume. Get a cardboard box and cut out holes for their arms and legs and paint the box with coloured squares like this.
  • Ghost – a classic and the easiest costume ever to make. All you need is a white bedsheet and cut out holes for the eyes and mouth!
  • Skeleton – This costume is slightly more creative with makeup on the face but there are plenty of tutorials like this one to help you create the ideal skeleton face. Costume-wise you just need a black top and trousers and white tape to create bones.
  • Mummy – again an easy classic – wrap them up with bandages and you’re good to go.

There are plenty more amazing DIY kids costumes online that you can have a go at making. By creating your own or your kid’s costumes you can save a fortune and have something totally unique that no one else has!

3. Look for second-hand costumes

Most costumes you buy from the shops can be expensive and most likely will only ever be worn once – this is why its great idea to look for second-hand costumes on Facebook selling pages, eBay, Gumtree, charity shops or even Depop as people usually want a new costume each year so there is always plenty of choice.

You can also organise a costume swap with friends and family. You can borrow their old costumes and vice versa – this also works well with children as they grow out of costumes quickly your friend might have a costume their child no longer fits but would be perfect for yours!

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have fun dressing up this Halloween!

4. Make your own spook-tacuar snacks

If you are having a party or just want to make some snacks for your kids a great way to save some money is to make some Halloween themed food yourself – this will take a little extra planning but is a great activity to do as a family.

There are so many websites like Pinterest which feature a huge amount of recipes and food ideas that look spook-tacular and won’t break the bank! Some of our favorite ideas are:

  • Hot dog fingers
  • Banana ghosts
  • Mummy cupcakes
  • Worms made from jelly
  • Rice Kripsy brains

Find some more amazing and easy snack ideas here. The options are limitless to what you can make and you should save quite a bit of money compared to buying themed food from the supermarket.

5. Keep the Halloween party games simple

When having a Halloween party it’s usually better (and cheaper) to keep the games simple. There’s not point planning elaborate and complicated games which require lots of expensive materials.

Instead keep it simple with the classic bobbing for apples – if you want to put a scary twist on this classic game – maybe best kept for adult only parties – you can carve faces into the apples so they look like heads!

You can also put a Halloween spin on the classic pin the tail on the donkey by using this printable pin the spider on the web.

There are so many fun games that you can play that don’t have to cost a lot at all so keep this in mind if you are planning a party.

These are our 5 top tips for celebrating Halloween on a budget. Some do take some creativity and planning but will be well worth it! If you have any top budget Halloween tips let us know over on our Facebook page.

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