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What jobs can't I do with a DRO

Can I apply for a job and take on the responsibility of cashing up and banking the money. Also can I apply for personal independence payment otherwise known as disability living allowance

Selling a property with a secured loan

My husband and I have separated, we have a secured loan against our property, he is now forcing me to sell the house as neither of us can afford to keep it on. We have never not paid the loan or the mortgage, I don't know what all the procedures are are or what to do?

Bk ended 8 years ago, do I need to apply to get it removed from my records

Since going bankrupt I have not been able to get credit cards, loans, finance etc, and yet I make all my bill payments regular and on time, so if I am always going to be held back and judged on my past how can I ever move on, what do I need to do to get it removed and stop pulling me back.

What can bailiffs take??

I live in a rented property. It's fully furnished including the TVs in the property. I have my tenancy agreement with all the furniture and things that were here when we moved in listed on it. Can high court enforcement officers still to take the TVs for example even though they are listed on my tenancy as being my landlords....

marid couple 68 65 coming to end of iva with own house what hapens

Ccj in previous tenants name and bailiffs coming

I opened a letter yesterday in a previous tenants name as it was a court addresses letter and I worry about things of that nature , anyway it's for an unpaid ccj and they are sending bailiffs out under a warrant of control , having read some real horror stories online I lay awake near all night worrying , I know this isn't my debt but what if they force their way in , what can I do before this get

I have been watching can't Pay Won't pay.

I have been watching can't Pay Won't pay. If my new partner moves in with me - and his ex-girlfriend of 17 years, gets the baliffs out eg. orders of the highest court etc., and he cant pay - can they take my goods eg., Tv etc., if I haven't got a receipt?

I would like to get married but my partner has a DRO, how will this affect re-mortgaging?

She had a debt releif order 11 months ago, so the initial 12 months is almost up. I own a property and in my name only. If we get married in a year or two time, how will this affect me / us re-mortgaging? I am fixed down for 5 years now.

My husband has been holding a seperate bank account . He has a limited company

He is up to date with all his suppliers but owes the tax on the income received and vat received. probably in the region of £40k Is the best policy to be honest? and declare it to the revenue but before they come knocking. The business hasn't got the money to repay back the penalties. what do you suggest we do? is bankruptcy an option or dissolve the company thank you

Official receiver is the trustee in bankruptcy

Hi, Please could you give me some advise as to the following situation. I petitioned for my own bankruptcy in June 2014 and am now discharged. Prior to my bankruptcy I owned and rented out a leasehold flat, following the normal procedure the Official receiver took possession of the property and the interest later vested in the trustee.

it's sound good to be true....??

if I own 25700 pound of debt and I'm paying around 100 where in I'm struggling with payments.. what minimum payment will be offered to me

can goods belonging to me be removed for my son's debt

my son received a fine for not buying a train ticket. he didn't pay it, the court fined him and the first he heard was when the debt company swanted 800 plus pounds. my son contacted the court who said he had to pay 500 plus pounds which he did and put a hold on the debt company until the court had made a further decision. my son is a cocaine addict, his ca supporter spoke to the court.

Can bailifs take my property for someone else's debt who no longer lives at the address?

My daughters partner lived with us for a couple of months but has now moved on. We are now having debt collectors stating they are going to remove out belongings to pay his debt and even after telling them he does no love here they said they need to come into the property for us to prove it.

Does a bailiff need to tell you if he's filming you ???

We had a bailiff come to the door acting on a magistrates warrant for a fine from when we took our kids on holiday last year ,he had his foot in the door and I refused entry and ending up grabbing his leg and pushing him out the door and quickly closeing it,he's apparently getting the video on his camera downloaded then there going to arrest me on assualt ,can he film with out telling me as he nev

Car unlawfully repossesed from finance company

I had a vehicle on Hire Purchase and after falling into arrears the finance company decided to reposes the car without a court order. Problem is the car was not in a public space, it was locked on a private property with secured gates. It is a mystery at the moment how they managed to take the car out to begin with. I have requested the CCTV footage to see if i can get somewhere.

Loans/ direct debit etc attatched to a property, where they do not live

My friends son, set up numerous loans( via many vendors) , car insurance/road tax via monthly payment scheme The son lives on his own, not at his fathers address. all the loans etc have been set up as his fathers address, without his knowledge, this only came to light when a letter was accidently opened, then noticed it was addressed to his son, who is liable for the accrued debt of around 38k

Ex wife bankrupt, OR saying they can't sign title to me, will I lose my home

My ex wife went bankrupt to 90k, her name is on the deeds, I have paid mortgage for last four years alone, the OR asked me to buy her share for 15k, I agreed as long as the title went into my name. They say they can't do this, it has to be signed by my ex wife. She is not willing to do this.

Am I liable for tax liabilities owed by my deceased partner.

My partner of 22 years has recently died. He stopped trading under his business name over 2 years ago as he was ill but he was still paying instalements on outstanding tax bills.

Court Enforcement Services Ltd made someone else pay my Water Arrears

I've not lived with my parents for over 20 years but I've just found out that Court Enforcement Services Ltd have attended their property demanding money for SE Water. His name was not on the paperwork. The debt is in my name and for a completely different property. (Its my understanding that Debt Collectors / Bailiffs aren't allowed to discuss my debt with other people ) Due to it being