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I'm about to get a CCJ thats been instigated by Cabbot Financial cont....

over un paid credit card bill of 16k. i live at my late grandfathers house and my post comes here. what would happen if a bailiff knocked on the door?

My bankruptcy has taken 3 years to be discharged.

I was made bankrupt in 2012 and notified the Official Receiver of changes to my circumstances (assets left after my property was sold) in 2014. Official Receivers have been administrating my case since 2014 and notified me on June 29 2016 that they have now contacted creditors and given up to 10 August 2016 for response.

Joint Mortgage application if one person has bad credit.

My partner has a perfect credit score with savings of approx £11k. I will be discharged from a debt relief order in October. My question is would anyone consider a joint mortgage application?

What steps do I have to take to get a discharge on an old bankruptcy

Baliffs after my sisters ex husband for debt what should I do?

My Mother died and her home is going through probate. I'm the executor for the property. The property was left in her will to my sister's and me. One of my sister's was living at the address after my mother died. Her name is on the electro roll still, but she has not lived there now for over a year.

my sister has used my address for her iva , will it affect me

My partners debt

My partner doesn't live with me but stays here to help with the children bailiffs have been had said they are forcing entry when they come back as they know he lives here what do I do next I'm so worried as I'm here with 2 small children

How long will this be on my credit file. Ccj

Ccj. I got the loan in 2007. The ccj in 2010. I paid of the ccj June 2015. I have a ccj on my credit file, that should go in a few months. But the loan is still on there with late payments until June 2015 and then t says UC. Is this correct. Will the late payments be on my file for another 5 years? Thanks

Husband owns home will it be an asset for me in DRO?

Hi all. Opinions/advice needed. Have a situation where I am hoping to apply for a DRO. However, I live with my husband who owns our property (married when bought it). He supplied the deposit, pays the mortgage from his account and has paid for any work needed. It is in my husbands name as he had the deposit and me being on the mortgage meant we could not obtain one - Broker arranged this for us.

Bailiff information

Bailiffs came to my property and I paid £420 for a debt which was my sons, my son doesn't live with me but I had no written letters to confirm this, they stated a van was on way to collect my stuff if I didn't pay, do they have a right to do this.?

Inheritance after bankruptcy

If made bankrupt in February 2004 and never been in debt since, will they still have a claim on my inheritance money?

Should I reply to email from debt collectors?

When I moved to scandinavia I paid all my debts except for an egg card loan. I tried to tell them my new address only to be told that I couldn't hold an egg card with a non uk address, she declined to take my new address?! I continued to make payments through my uk bank. I recieved no communication from egg regarding the barclaycard takeover and I knew nothing about it.

Repossesing a jointly owned property

My husband jointly owns a buy to let property. If he was made bankcrupt could they take this property? or because it is jointly owned would it be safe?

I,v payed for a car by bank loan in my name Can they take car

I payed for car by bank loan in my name , but car in husband name can bailiffs take the car as he has debts , but I payed and can show statements each month I pay bank , but log book in his name

Can the baliffs enter and take mine and my mums things?

My brother has got himself in some debt and the baliffs have hand delivered a letter to say they are coming, however my brother doesn't live here anymore. He is still down as living here butnhasn't been for a little while now. Can they still enter the house and take our things?

I want to go bankrupt but will court want my wife to send her car back which is on finance

I want to go bankrupt , and worried that they will make my wife send her car back which is on finance , can they make her do that as she is married to me ?

How can someone get help with fines?

My friend is currently unemployed and struggling with cancer. He is trying to sell his house so that he can pay the bills. Unfortunately the agent he had told him to keep the power and water on and those bills have not been paid so there are fines that now need to be paid to sell the house.

Does charge need to be removed in order to sell house

Around 18 years ago when my husband and myself were going to separate, I was advised by my solicitor to put a charge on our house (the house is in my husbands name ) We ended up staying together and now wish to sell our home. It is now mortgage free. Our question is whether the charge needs to be removed in order to sell the house or has this now become invalid