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can i move a debt into my daughters name ?

hi , just a quick question about 3 years ago my daughter needed a mobile phone but couldnt get a contract . i agreed to put the phone in my name as long as kept up with the payments after a few months she racked up a backlog of bills which she did not pay. yesterday i received a letter of claim from debt collection agency threanting court action if the £700 isnt paid .

My partner is bankrupt. I however have no debt and am looking to buy a new house.

Can my partners income be taken into account when applying for a mortgage?

how do i file for bankruptcy in germany whilst living back in the uk. I am a uk citizen.

I moved back to the UK in July this year after living 24 years in Germany, i am not working and cannot afford to pay my debts in Germany can i go bankrupt and how will i need to do this.

How long does bankruptsy last

I have a removal notice for my ex partner what do I do

My ex partner came yesteady to see the kids and he is here regularly to see the kids and he opened his letters and it is removal notice from equita however he doesnt live here and t made me panic so I made him ring them and tell them and they said there is nothing ting they can do the bailiffs will still come but he doesn't live here they can't take anything can they all he had here is a car on fi

Bankruptcy confusion

So my husband is two months into his bankruptcy , next yr when my tax return is submitted do they take into account any of my personal Inchon or savings

How to stop my son claimiing for loans,phone contracts etc.

My 24 year old son has acquired a loan from a well known store. He is unemployed and little money to pay this back. He had previously obtained 2 phone contracts with ease and this is another debt he has. How is it possible to stop my son applying/ getting loans,phone contracts etc.

I have a secured loan with welcome finance which I took out in 2004.

Am I to believe that welcome finance has a set time to recover money back from me.? I haven't paid any money since 2006.

I've been paying a debt off directly -

I've been paying a debt off directly - this has now been transferred to a a recovery company - they have accepted the same monthly payment and we've re-set up the standing order.

Can someone declare themselves bankrupt in jersey Channel Islands ?

My son lives in jersey and is in debt due to mental health and depression how can he resolve this with no money ?

credit rating

my son lives in my home & owes money to various people including HMRC for Nat Ins. ..I have heard that if he is subject to CCJs my home address will be badly credit rated & blighted ..He as no legal ownership of the house & rarely pays any rent.can you give me the current legal situation on this .Thank you


Marstons walked in my house on saarday for a payment of a fine, I did not have this therefore they said they will take goods away. I have nothing of value therefore I said take the goods. They looked around the house and there is nothing of value.

Can bailiffs go to my place of work and take my belongings that are stored there?

I have been on sick leave for over a year, but am still classed as employed on a zero hours contract. Prior to this, following a court order, i was paying £10 per month off a debt. Since being on sick i have reduced this payment to £2 (without authorisation to do so). I have inadvertently let slip to the creditor that i have stored an expensive item at my place of work. Can the creditor get th

my ex wife has got debet in my name

but i dont want to report her for fraud as its my kids that will suffer what can i do

Can baliffs take goods from my house with a warrant issued at other address

My boyfriend owes fine's for driving offence's. THE warrant is made out to his mother's address she told them he now lives hear but it's not true all though he doe's stop over on ocations can the bailiffs remove stuff from my home. I have scraped up the cash and paid them and have now seen that the warrant was made out to his mother's address. can I claim the money back.

If a shareholder has debts outside the business can it affect ltd co?


My boyfriends lives me but is not registeted nor pays any of the household bills etc he his registered at his mums address and in part also lives there. I have had bailiffs at my address what do I do

Can I stop loan companies lending to my son?

My 24 year old son has sadly developed a serious drug habit. He seems to be funding this by taking out endless loans from companies such as Wonga, Piggybank etc. He is not really working and has no proper income. He therefore repeatedly defaults on these loans and is accruing eye watering interest. He has his head completely in the sand about this.