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our son has had to move home for 10 weeks after 6 years he owes money

our son has had to come and stay with us for 10 weeks he left home 6 years ago and this is not his permanent address he owes money and the bailiffs say they are going to take our goods to pay his debt we don't have receipts for everything can you please help


I have received letters from Reading Council regarding a PCN for a person who is not known to me, and has never lived at this address. I have written to tell the Council, and provided phographic evidence of the person, and his address, after extensive enquiries with a van hire company. Still, Reading Council are sending Bailiffs to MY home. How do I proceed?

Death during IVA term

What happens if I die before the end of the term of my IVA? Will my partner and son be forced to sell the house? The IvA is in my sole name.

Receiving a student maintainance grant whilst having an IVA

I've not been officially accepted yet, but if I do get onto my college course in September I am likely to receive around £2,900 per quater over the next 3 years.

How can I make them know that he does not live here?

Car on finance and DRO's

I need to do a DRO but need to keep my finance car which only has about 16 months left to pay on it as I need it for work. The car is worth just over £1000 when put into Webuyanycar, however as it is a finance car surely it's technically considered to be owned by the finance company rather than myself until the payments are completed? It would be illegal for me to sell it on after all?

I have debt and bailiffs are going to my mums adress can they take goods?

I've had an enforcement letter sent to my mums adress for a start I don't even know what it is for, but more importantly I no longer live at her adress I was staying with my partner until recently when we split up, I'm now staying with some friends but have no fixed adress, can goods be removed from my mum's house?

Is bankruptcy an option? Married, living with husband & our 4 children. Debts are all mine

My husband is self employed, we are both directors in his limited company and I'm on the payroll as an employee. I've just had our forth child and am currently on maternity leave. I have around £22000 of debt solely in my name, my sole income includes child tax credits, child benefit, mat pay & dividends. If I was to consider bankruptcy would my husbands income be considered?

Returning to University while under DRO?

I am currently under a DRO (one month in). I'd like to return to University to do a Masters - if I get a student loan to cover my fees (4400) my benefits will be reassessed using the entire potential loan as income (10K) whether I take the full amount or not. It therefore makes financial sense to get the full loan to make up for the loss of benefits.


i am about to be made bankrupt due to owing the taxman an unpaid bill which i have tried to question the amount i have listened to advice that has put me in the position that i am in now i now have no means to pay taxman will he take my house which is solely in my name i work full time and trying hard to keep my head above water

credit check

my daughter has been running up credit at her new address but has been applying for credit using our address. don't know how she's managed this as she's not on electoral roll at our address. I've phoned one company up and explained to them and another company phoned our house phone to try and contact her. I would like to know the extent of the debt.

Enquiring about selling a share in my property

My 25 year mortgage term is expiring soon. I have bad credit so can't get another mortgage. Can I sell a 50% share in the property to pay the mortgage off and pay rent on that share?

can baliffs take stuff from my house for my daughter that does not live here

Can I sell my second house

Is it common for creditors to remove a charge on a property if an agreement can be made?

Advice please. My parents currently have 2 charges on there property both for around £15k. What I would like to know is.....will creditors remove the charge on the property if I agree a one off financial payment to them?

can HMRC enforcement officers take goods from a property

On Monday 26/62017 my home was visited by a law enforcement official looking for my son. I told him that he did not live here only to be told by him that he did because he had asked the neighbours. He told me that he could enter my home and take any goods I did not have a reciete for including my car. Feeling frighten I paid £681 can this be right

Large HMRC bill which is unplayable

Looks like I have messed up my overseas earnings for about 20 years. I never realised u were not allowed to send overseas wages and pay uk direct debits. The tax money involved is collosal, I may even face a jail service. I am concerned what will happen to my wife, will they take her monies from her account and joint accounts? Will they take over the family home and make us homeless .

Will my finance car be taken if I go bankrupt?

I took out car finance for my partner in January 2015 as he has poor credit and needed a reliable car. We have a joint bank account, but as he earns a lot more than me, he pays majority of the bills - including the car finance.

O2 Contract question

I took a contact out with O2 and left early and they billed me £86.09 which i still haven't paid, was wondering once I pay this back, would they prevent me from getting a new phone contact with them?