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What information is held by the Credit Reference Agencies?

Can you tell me what information the Credit Reference Companies hold on me?

Who are the Credit Reference Agencies?

I want to contact the Credit Reference Agencies in the UK. Who are they?

My daughter is in debt. Does it affect me if we have the same address?

had a phone call from a debt collecting agency asking for £1000 i dont have cant get

whats next do i go to prison will they take a negitive equity house why cant we come to some other agreement

Bankruptcy and Pensions. What are the rules?

I am worried that is I declare myself Bankrupt I will lose my pension, then I really will have nothing.

How do you make yourself bankrupt?

Is making yourself bankrupt something I can do or does a company need to help me?

If my restuarant business goes bust will they arrest my husbands/ bus. partners income?.

My husband and I are partners in a struggling restaurant business. He also works for someone else on a salary. Will his wages be arrested if the business goes bust? Also he has previous unresolved VAT debt from a previous business. How would this affect a possible bankruptcy to the present business? Would our investors get their money back? We took second securities out on their loans.

Bankruptcy - Can I still work as a courier driver self employed if I go bankrupted

What restrictions are there on the types of jobs you can do if you become bankrupt.

how do i go about applying for an administration order?

What is an Interim Order?

What does Arrestment mean?

What are Arrears?

What is an Administration Order?

I am worried about Bailiffs. What do I need to know?

can the baliffs bring police to help force entry?

my mother seems to be in quite a bit of debt, and we keep recieving letters from baliffs saying they are going to take further action to remove our goods from our property. can they bring police force with them to help gain access and remove things, also some of the things i have are borrowed from my friends and are not mine so can they still cant them?

Does bankruptcy affect my daughter's possessions? TV,books, school laptop

I live in a rented house with my 11 yr old daughter. I know i can keep household goods but want to know if her possessions are viewed as mine if I delcare personal bankruptcy. She has books, playstation console with games, a keyboard and board games and lego. Would these be seen as being my assets as I am her parental guardian and thne be seized to pay off my debts?

how long after bankruptsy can you get a bank account

IVA and Property

Please can you tell me the situation regarding another property other than the one you are living in. I am paying a mortgage for my own house but also paying a mortgage for my retired mother in law. The house is in joint names (mother in law and myself). SHe is the sole occupier of the house.