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Can someone legally charge me interest on a personal debt?

The person who owns the flat underneath mine has had some essential works done to the flats, which I did not consent to as i felt the managing company should have picked up the bill. He then started charging me interest on the money owed. I am about to send a cheque for the final amount (I have been paying monthly until now), but do not believe that I should pay the interest. Is he legally allowed to do this? Thanks

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Re: Can someone legally charge me interest on a personal debt?

If you had some form of contractual agreement and this included your commitment to pay him back with interest then it may be correct. If this is not the case then he would have to use court action to get the money and you would have the opportunity to dispute this, the court would then make the decision based on evidence presented to them. If you are questioning whether you should be paying anything for the works carried out then you would need to take legal advice rather than debt advice as this is something that is more likely linked to your purchase, leasehold or service and maintenance agreements. This question was answered by Debt Advice Foundation, an independent UK debt advice charity. If you need further help, Debt Advice Foundation provides a free, confidential helpline and can advise you. Click here to find out more.

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