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Will I be responsible for his debt? Both our names are on the bills/rental agreement.

I have been living with my fiance for 6 months now in rented accommodation. Both our names appear on the rental agreement and all the utility bills which I pay and are up to date. But, I have just discovered he has massive debts which he acquired before we met that he has kept secret and is struggling to pay. Will I be responsible for any of his debt? If the bailiffs come to our address can they take things I have paid for such as the TV? If we marry does this change things?

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Re: Will I be responsible for his debt? Both our names are ...

It does not matter whether you are married or not. You are jointly liable for any debts in both your names, so if he has fallen behind on paying the rent, for example, then this may affect your credit rating. Bailiffs can take goods that belong to your fiancé or to you jointly, but not goods in your sole name. You should seek immediate debt advice in order to start a plan to repay his debts and to understand your rights, individually and jointly, should bailiffs or debt collector call at your house. This question has been answered by Christians Against Poverty, a leading debt charity offering hope and a solution to anyone in debt.

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