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My lodger has debt problems. Does this affect me? He is registered at this address.

My lodger does not have his name linked to me financially but he is registered at this address. I am not sure how this will affect me.

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Lodger has debt problems. Does this affect me?

It may do so what you need to do is first check your credit file to see if it has. If it has then write to the credit reference agencies telling them that your finances are nothing to do with each other. Here's another post that will help:


Re: am i responsable for my brothers bank loan now he is dead

my brother recently died and owes the bank £8000 for a loan, they are saying that his sisters and brother are liable for this, is it true


If an individual has an outstanding, unsecured loan at the time of their death then it very often means that the debt dies with them. If another person is named on a joint agreement, or stood guarantor for the loan, then the remaining person could now have sole liability for all of the debt. Pursuing family members for the deceased debts could mean that the company has breached Office of Fair Trading Guidance and a letter of complaint should quickly resolve this issue.

However there are times when a creditor can make a claim against the beneficiaries of the estate of the deceased and one of these is when the estate has passed to beneficiaries of the estate before paying creditors first. If this is the case then you would need to take legal advice to establish whether this debt should have been paid and if there is now a requirement to pay.

You can locate a legal adviser or solicitor in your area here: or by contacting Community Legal Advice on 0845 345 4 345 and they will be able to check whether you are eligible for legal aid.


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