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My ex wife is living in my property can I charge her rent or evict her

My wife will not make a financial agreement even after our divorce has been made absolute, she has agreed about four settlements and the mediation service even wrote the agreement up for us but insisted that she signed a letter saying she agreed to their findings, which she did. She then change her mind when I was about to take it to a solicitor to have it made legal. When my wife wanted a divorced I moved out to a rented flat she stayed in the bungalow. The property is solely in my name and I have always paid the mortgage even since I moved out last Oct 2010. I have put the mortgage on interest only payments so I could afford to rent and live. She started the divorce in June of 2010, when it went to the first stage of the decree nissi she then made an attempt to have reconciliation but too many things had happened and I said no. I was then left to make the divorce absolute on the 8th of Sept 2011. I was paying the mortgage of £300 per month so as to keep the roof over my 15 year old

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Re: My ex wife is living in my property can I charge her ...

It may be advisable to seek the services of a solicitor as your ex-wife may still have the right to reside in the property

Re: I am living with my brother in his property

Hi I am living with my brother in his house on which he pays the mortgage he was divorced in nov 2011. His wifes name is still on the mortgage and now she wants me out of the house for no other reason than revenge and to upset my brother. she lives in her own house. has she got any right to have me evicted? Many thanks

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