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Do I have to provide information about my brother?

Four years ago, a few years after his wife's death, my brother sold his home and possessions and went off travelling the world on the proceeds. He has been abroad for 4 years now. Before he left, he asked if he could give my address to his bank so that his bank statements could be sent to me for safekeeping. However, today a letter came addressed to him from a mobile phone company, claiming that he owes them some money from about 3 years ago. As he is not listed on the Electoral Roll and has never lived at my address (and never will), I can only assume that the bank has passed on my address to these people - surely that is a breach of the Data Protection Act. I intend sending the letter back to the mobile phone company, advising that the addressee does not live at my address. Will that be the end of the matter?

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Re: Do I have to provide information about my brother?

As you are in no way liable for your brother’s debt you are fully within your rights to advise the mobile phone company of the fact that your brother does not live at your address and ask them to send you no further correspondence regarding this. This question has been answered by CAP UK, a leading debt charity offering hope and a solution to anyone in debt.

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