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Council Tax - updating them

My daughter just moved back in with me and I am going to notify the council as I currently receive single person occupancy. However, they are asking on the form for a previous address. She hasn't had a permenant address as she has been with friends etc moving all the time. What can I write as I don't want to end up with a huge bill as she hasn't been registered for council tax at any other property prior to now. Any advice would be great.

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Re: Council Tax - updating them

It should be enough to simply list all the addresses that she has stayed at and insert a hand written note explaining that she has not been registered for council tax at these addresses, but staying as a guest for short periods of time in each. If you are in any doubt it may be beneficial for you to contact your council directly. This question has been answered by CAP UK, a leading debt charity offering hope and a solution to anyone in debt.

Re: Council Tax - updating them

hi there, I have the same problem regarding my son. he hasnt lived with us for over a year and hes moving back in but he has stayed with a friend who pays full council tax however that person never had him registered. wanted to see what happened with your situation and what the council did? did you manage to get it sorted?

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