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Partner moving in with me, will it effect my Deby relief order?

I am currently under a debt relief order and i am looking into whether it will be effected if my partner moves in with me? I dont work so we will be living off his income, will this effect it as we would have more then £50 a month surplus income? All the debts in my name, nothing to do with him but was wondering if we are together (living and income wise) would he be liable to help me pay my outstanding debts and would it effect my dro, Thanks Tania

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Re: Partner moving in with me, will it effect my Deby relief ...

If you really have no income at all and you were living off benefits, but now your partner is willing to pay everything, you should be able to stop claiming benefits and still have no surplus, so you'll be fine. The DRO would probably be revoked if you started to have more than £50 per month spare cash. Even if it was revoked though, you could still go bankrupt without affecting your partner's credit rating. He is not liable for your debts if his name isn't on the agreements.

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