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I recently had a DRO granted but they froze my accounts. Is this normal procedure?

My DRO was granted/approved on Friday 27th Aug and that same day my bank account was frozen with my whole months wages in it. Is this normal for a DRO? Also how I do go about getting the funds released for living expenses. My council tax and rent should be coming out Monday and about 4-5 other bills but the bank have told me that all direct debits and payments have also been cancelled. The bank cannot tell me much more and to be honest I am not totally sure I believe what they say so can anyone tell me what the process is and how long it normally takes.

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Re: I recently had a DRO granted but they froze my accounts. ...

Did you owe anything on an overdraft for that account? The bank might be trying to seize the money to pay it off. Ask your intermediary if they can do anything to get it back, but first go to either Barclays or the Co-Op and open a basic cashcard account, and have your wages paid there in future. You probably can't do that if you owe money to those banks, but otherwise it should be fine.

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