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Should I use a debt management company or talk to my creditors myself?

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Re: Should I use a debt management company...

You are free to approach your creditors yourself and propose your own debt management plan. If you do we recommend you follow our debt self-help guide. The argument for using a specialist debt management company would be if you believe they have more influence over your creditors and are more likely to get interest payments and charges stopped and smaller manageable repayments accepted. Another factor to consider is whether the debt management company charges fees for negotiating and managing your plan. If they do and you don’t want to arrange your own plan consider using a free debt management company. To find one complete the form on the right and if debt management is a good solution, we'll put you in touch.


Re: Should I use a debt management company or talk to my ...

It's important to look at all the options available to you and get as much advice as possible from different sources. Talk to Debt Management Companies first and if you think you can deal with your creditors yourself, have a go.. You can always go back to a Management Company afterwards to get the help you need. Be careful not to sign up to anything you cannot get out of and remember that your creditors can get no more than you can afford from you.Take your time in all you decisions and don't be bullied by the time scales given to you in the letters they send.

Re: Should I use a debt management company or talk to my ...

I work in the Debt Relief industry. I think everyone should seek help with their debts, there are so many advantages to getting help. But it's important that you go to the right people. There are many companies that actually take advantage of people in venerable financial situations. Read reviews, check forums, seek free help and choose the best company to manage your debt.

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