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How can I remortgage to release some equity to pay off credit card debt ?

I owe £30,000 in credit card debt and bank overdrafts inherited from my ex husband, and a £25,000 loan. I have a house with at least £200,000 equity in it. I want to get a mortage product which will allow me to change the existing £80,000 mortgage from interest only to repayment, and also to cover the loan. The credit cards will settle for £10,000 if I pay off the balances. I am being penalised for bad credit rating which is preventing me from borrowing money from the substantial equity I have in my house, which would enable me to settle all my debts and continue with one monthly payment on a repayment mortgage. Who can help me? The credit card companies are getting very threatening as I can only pay small amounts below the recommended repayment amounts, from my meagre wages.

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