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How can I stop the CSA chaseing me for money when I earn less then the taxable amount

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Re: How can I stop the CSA chaseing me for money when I earn ...

You really need to speak to the CSA about the information they used to calculate your maintenance. As far as I know they work on a percentage - around 15% for one child. Have your circumstances changed? The CSA recommend you use this calcualator to work out how much you should be paying. CSA or indeed any maintenance is not a debt as such and can't be dealt with in IVAs, DMPS or Bankruptcy. Its a priority expenditure you need put above any other debts you have. The CSA have far more power than other creditors - for example they can actually have your driving license stopped for 2 years. I think the best thing for you to do is get some legal advice from the CAB or Community Legal Service. The CSA do have a complaints procedure here: If your CSA payments are causing trouble with other debts we can certainly advise on those - so if you do have a debt problem - or I have got the wrong end of the stick - click on my name and email me at Debt Advice Foundation.

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